Giveaway: The 12 Days of PedalsAndEffects

By BassPlayer ,

Renowned rock bassist Juan Alderete is pleased to announce “The 12 Days of PedalsAndEffects,” a giveaway featuring twelve of Alderete’s favorite pedals, effects and other music gear, just in time for the holidays. Working in conjunction with brands such as Earthquaker Devices, Godlyke, Source Audio, Ernie Ball and many more, Alderete, through his site,, will give fans 12 chances to win during the giveaway- the site’s largest to date.

Each day from December 14th through December 25th, a new blog entry featuring the item up for grabs that day will be posted to Readers will have several chances to win- by leaving a comment on the post, answering a specific question, following @J_Alderete on Twitter, tweeting using #PedalsAndEffects or “Liking” Juan Alderete’s Facebook page. Each blog post will have the specific instructions on how to win that particular item. Alderete says, “I’m so grateful to the readers and fans who have made the go-to site for gearheads and musicians wanting to keep up on what’s new and what’s good. I’ve also had the benefit of working with such creative and innovative manufacturers, so I wanted to put the two together and give other musicians a chance to get some amazing gear.”

Whether readers want to add to their existing collection or are just getting started, “The 12 Days of PedalsAndEffects” will give them an opportunity to win high-quality, cutting edge gear from the likes of MONO, Samson Technologies, Pigtronix, TC Electronic, Dunlop, Hardwire/Digitech and more.

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With a career spanning over 25 years and covering genres such as hip hop (Dr. Octagon), heavy metal (Racer X), progressive hard rock (The Mars Volta, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group), rock (Vato Negro, B’z) and alternative (Big Sir), Juan Alderete brings a wealth of knowledge to one location for fans, musicians and aspiring bassists of all ages via his site, With instructional videos covering everything from the routing of stompboxes to manipulation of effects, exploring various amplifiers and other gear, Alderete shares his skills and knowledge with the fans and musicians who have asked him multiple questions over the years. also serves as a homepage for Alderete and will include updates on all Alderete-related news, a blog, photos, tour updates, and forum for fans to discuss music and gear.