Ibanez Artcore AGB205DVS

By BassPlayer ,

Ibanez is answering the growing demand for its Artcore hollow and semi-hollow basses by expanding its offerings in 2013.

“We know a lot of players think of 5-string basses when they think of Ibanez, so a 5-string Artcore semi-hollow body seemed an obvious next step," explained Hoshino USA Bass Manager Mao Nakamura. The AGB205DVS sports a dramatic dark violin sunburst finish, handsomely framed by a clean, white binding that silhouettes the entire instrument—head, neck, and body. Core elements of all Artcore basses include expertly crafted set-in-body construction with 3-pc mahogany/ maple necks. The ACHB pickups are made specifically for Artcore basses, offering the perfect combination of responsive feel, warm tone, and feedback minimization. Nakamura summarizes, “For bassists who want to combine 5-string playing with semi-hollow-type tone, the AGB205 represents an unbeatable proposition.”