Learn to Play Pino Palladino's Bass on John Mayer Trio's "Who Did You Think I Was" (VIDEO)

Grab your bass and follow along with the video
By BP Staff ,

From Reverb.com: Back in March, Jake Hawrylak gave us a lesson in Pino Palladino's neo-soul basslines for D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, and other members of the Soulquarians collective.

But Pino, session ace and top-level touring musician that he is, has worked with a huge range of artists far beyond the funky confines of Questlove's pocket, including The Who, Nine Inch Nails, Elton John, and Jeff Beck.

For this week's bass lesson, Jake is taking a look at Pino's work with the John Mayer Trio, and specifically, his bass fills in the track "Who Did You Think I Was" from the 2005 album Try!. As Jake explains, "These are fills that happen over an A minor chord, and the idea is that you can take these, pick these apart yourself, and start putting them in your own playing whenever you see these A minor chords out in the real world."

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