Louis Johnson Performs Live with Quincy Jones (Full Concert VIDEO)

Louis Johnson holds down the low end for Quincy Jones in this 1981 footage
By BP Staff ,

On tour with Quincy Jones in Japan, Louis got to hang with his hero Ray Brown, who was also with Quincy. “He would stand off in the wings and watch when I was playing,” Louis told Bill Gibson for his 2010 book, Q on Producing. “He taught me how to play a walking bass part without repeating the same thing over and over—how to change the scale around and how to keep it interesting.”

Quincy Jones: Keyboards, Conductor
Jean "Toots" Thielmans: Harmonica, Guitar
Patti Austin: Vocal
James Ingram: Vocal
Vivien Cherry: Vocal
Peggy Lipton Jones: Vocal
Janna Tyler: Vocal
Carlos Rios: Lead Guitar
Louis Johnson: Bass
Rod Temperton: Synthesizer & Keyboards
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards
Jerome Richardson: Soprano Saxophone & Flute
Peter Christlieb: Saxophone
Jerry Hey: Flugelhorn
John Robinson: Drums
Ollie Brown: Percussion
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