Michael Manring to Release Japan Tour Performance Blu-Ray

The live performances were filmed and the audio was recorded in their entirety
By BP Staff ,

In October 2016, we invited Michael Manring for his first solo live tour in Japan. Thanks to many individuals and companies, such as Bass Magazine, Markbass, and Pearl, the three days of concerts were a great success. You can see the information about the tour here.

The live performances were filmed and the audio was recorded in their entirety. We finished editing the materials in May 2017, and started publishing the products by CD and YouTube. However, we received an email from YouTube saying it would stop selling the paid content from September 2017. So we had to rush to change the method of publishing the video.

The Blu-ray features the third day of the tour. On that day, we had very good lighting, decay response, signal to noise ratio, speaker frequency response, and tuning. We dispatched a full camera team for this concert. This resulted in a very good video which you can preview here:

The real pleasure of Michael Manring's live performance is that although he plays the same tunes, it sounds as if they are different tunes. We are sure that those who have already seen the second day's video or have listened to the CD can also enjoy it.

At every moment, we chose the best angle to understand his playing. We edited it very carefully so that you can understand ”why you can hear the sound now" by watching it. Some live video makers often exaggerate switching or effects, but we avoided doing that. 

However, we decided we should not make it boring or lengthy due to "too much explanation". So we came up with several ideas for filming that would not impede his playing.
We are confident that both those who try to play his tunes and those who purely want to enjoy the live video can enjoy the whole video.

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