MTD Norm Stockton Signature Bass

By BassPlayer ,

Norm Stockton has been a busy man so far this year. In addition to his new instructional book The Worship Bass Book: Bass, Espresso & The Art of Groove, he has worked with Michael Tobias to launch the new MTD Norm Stockton signature bass.

A note from Norm:

2 years, 3 prototypes & countless hours later, I'm elated to officially announce the release & availability of the new bass!It's quite simply the most versatile & real-world practical bass I've ever played.

Killer slap tone?
Thick, warm and punchy fingerstyle?
J-bass bridge pickup bark?
And much more - plus gorgeous looks and incredible playability?

YES! :^)

Here's the basic scoop:
"10" quilted maple top on alder body
maple neck with bird's eye maple board
35" scale
21 frets
titanium inlays in neck
matching peg head, truss rod cover & knobs with wenge slap ramp (ramp can be removed if desired - uses truss rod cover screw holes for attachment)
clear to blue burst finish
signature on headstock
glowing side position dot markers
more rounded arm contour than standard saratoga
strap button position moved up like on the 535
splittable double J pickups from bartolini
custom hrT32 bartolini preamp with coil cut switches and push/pull mids (400/800 hz)
custom norm stockton edition fretwrap from gruv gear
available as 4- or 5-string
**handmade by michael tobias design in kingston, ny**

I'm so humbled, honored and grateful for the expertise & dedication of Michael Tobias, Bill Bartolini, Clyde Clark, and their teams that made this extraordinary bass possible.

Please visit or call (845) 246-0670 for further information or to order your very own!

MTD Norm Stockton Signature Demo: