Photos From Gerald Veasley's 2015 Bass BootCamp in Philly

A Photo Recap of Gerald Veasley's 2015 Bass Bootcamp in Philadelphia
By BP Staff ,

Gerald Veasley brought his Bass Bootcamp to Philadelphia for this year's event, and Bass Player's Chris Jisi was there to give us the lowdown on basstastic weekend. 

Oteil Burbridge teaches his "Three Views of an Interval" concept.

An exclusive first look at the Olinto Bass Preamp, true bypass, hand-wired in the U.S.

LaBella in Philly: Eric Cocco and Mas Hino hold a Carbonetti semi-hollow Cave Bass and a new Olinto VI.

Pure Phil: Michael Albronda demonstrates a Phil Jones Quantam 4, Double Four, A8 Cabinet and Bighead HA-1 Headphone Amp.

The Camp Cats: Doug Wimbish, Adam Nitti, Norm Stockton and Oteil Burbridge.

Pure Horsepower: Nick Epiphani holds his Piccolo 999, 1000 watts, 5 pounds and self-regulated voltage.

Short Scale Supreme: Kevin Brubaker with a KXB-S with a 30" scale, swamp ash body, buckeye burl top, ebony board and Bartolini Electronics pick ups.

Upright Done Right: Bruce Kaminsky with his Carry-On 30" scale 4-string.

Joe Zon holds a Mosaic Matrix 4-string with composite neck, 34" scale, ash body, flame koa top and Aguilar pick ups and electronics.

Aguilar's Dave Avenius with a room-crushing Tone Hammer head and pedal and six killer effects pedals.

Mike Tobias holds a Norm Stockton Signature Saratoga 5, with alder body, maple neck, Bird's Eye board, quilted maple top, 35" scale and custom Batolini eclectronics and pick ups.

Thumbs up giveaway: One lucky Bootcamp student will win this new Marcus Miller Sire V7.

Norm Stockton has 20 students grooving to a swung-funk drum loop.

Adam Nitti works the connection between creating bass lines and soloing to a packed class.

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