September 2010 Web Extras

  Here you can find links to all the web extras from the September  2010 issue of Bass Player. Happy surfing   BP Community Connect with Bass Player and fellow musicians on Facebook bassplayermag. Follow us on Twitter for
By Bass Player Staff ,

Here you can find links to all the web extras from the September 2010 issue of Bass Player. Dig in!

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Bass Notes

Check out live photos of Earl Greyhound's Kamara Thomas.

Connect with Earl Greyhound on MySpace.

Watch a broadcast with a live Earl Greyhound interview and performance.

Help Chi Cheng's recovery effort at

Go to the Deftones' YouTube channel for all sorts of video goodies.

Snag tickets to the Deftones, Mastodon, and Alice in Chains on their BlackDiamondSkye tour.


Watch John Mayer take on "Crossroads" live at the Beacon Theater.

Get down with one of Sean Hurley's bass solos with Vertical Horizon.

Check out Bill Wyman's signature metal detector!

Pick up the newly re-masteredExile on Main St, and take a peek at some of Wyman's books.

Watch Mike Gordon and Phish take on the Stones' Exile on Main St. live in its entirety, starting with this amazing video/music montage.


Get the story behind Trace Elliot's 12-band EQ.

More on the 30-year history of Trace Elliot.

Bakithi Kumalo puts a Kala uBass throught the paces.

"Teen Town" in 13/8? On a Kala uBass?!

Just when you thought there couldn't be a freakier uBass application, "Run to the Hills!"

Woodshed & Transcription
Marvin Isley heats things up on "Coolin' Me Out."

Marvin and the brothers Isley hit a deep groove on "That Lady" live on Soul Train in 1974.

The Isley's live take on "Summer Breeze" will make you feel fine!

Match pitches with this bass tuner in standard and custom tunings.

Dig deeper and learn more about various tuning systems.

Check out the killer playing—and singing—on Richard Bona's "Eyando."

Manu Dibango's deep makossa funk groove on 1972's "New Bell."

Thirty seconds of solid funk with the Soul Train dancers and Dennis Coffey's "Scorpio."

Get your groove on to the original 45 of "Scorpio" by Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band.

Check in with Bob Babbitt on his homepage.

Dig the funk brewing on Dennis Coffey's homepage.