The Bass Player Live! 2017 Photo Recap

Check out the highlights from the biggest bass event of the year, Bass Player Live! 2017!
By Jon D'Auria ,

This past weekend, hundreds of bass players and low end lovers alike gathered in SIR Studios Hollywood on Sunset Strip to experience the biggest bass event of the year, Bass Player Live! And as expected, it was bigger and better than ever before. From Flea's monster playing and heartfelt acceptance speech for his Lifetime Achievement Award, to Jimmy Johnson demonstrating his impeccable groove with his all-star band, to all of the informative and insightful clinics from everyone from Robert DeLeo to Abe Laboriel and Bakithi Kumalo, to getting a chance to hold Donald "Duck" Dunn's legendary bass, this year was special from front to back. Here are some moments from this epic weekend.

Flea warming up before his performance. 

Dialing in tones with his tech. 

Verdine White and Flea sharing a moment.

Verdine White, Norwood Fisher, "Fish" Fisher, Flea, Juan Alderete, and Steve Bailey backstage. 

Steve Bailey and Flea discussing warm up routines. 

 Bass Player editor Chris Jisi. 

Juan Alderete takes the stage.

Verdine White talking about Flea's penchant for funk.

Norwood Fisher sharing stories about coming up in the LA music scene with Flea. 

Flea accepting his Bass Player Lifetime Achievement Award.

Flea giving his hilarious and thoughtful acceptance speech. (Video to come)

Flea and Norwood bringing the funk.

Filter and Cher bassist Ashley Dzerigian with the Aguilar family at their booth. 

A new batch of Warwick Basses.

James Trussart's beautiful and unique line of basses.

Yamaha's new BB Series of basses.

Spectors on display.

Resident Supro model Steve Jenkins.

D'Addario with their many string varieties. 

Juan Alderete and Rex Brown, who is demonstrating the Lee Sklar salute.

Ra Diaz of Suicidal Tendencies showing off his new signature Spector bass.

Boss brought just a couple of their pedals. And this was just a fraction of their arsenal on hand.

Many great double bass sessions at the Lemur Music booth.

Alclair with tons of amazing options of hand crafted in-ear monitors.

Bass Strings Online offering much more than just strings.

Ra Diaz and Nadja Peulen of Coal Chamber.

Bakithi Kumalo and his Kala Bass.

Seeing red at the Warwick booth.

Yamaha's impressive Artist Series basses.

Our Bass Player Rock Panel of Rex Brown, Joey Vera, Pancho Tomaselli, and dUg Pinnick.

Lee Sklar checking out a Shabat Guitars Bass.

Behold, Donald "Duck" Dunn's legendary 1959 Precision Bass in all it's glory.

The mighty Gizmotron device. This makes some beautiful sounds on a bass. Google it now.

"Soul Fingers" author Nick Rosaci on hand with copies of his book.

Darryl Anders drawing a crowd at MTD.

Bunny Brunel joined by Steve Bailey, Hadrien Feraud, and Armand Sabal-Lecco for his clinic.

Ashdown Engineering's new Geezer Butler Signature Amp.

Eva Gardner (Pink, Cher, Gwen Stefani) making the rounds. 

Malcolm Gold taking a fretless Supro Bass for a spin.

Bass twins Jonathan Herrera and Jonathan Hischke.

Dave Pomeroy demonstrating his new songs in his clinic.

"Hutch" Hutchinson, Eva Gardner, and Phil Chen.

MarkBass with nothing but wattage.

Steve Bailey, Jimmy Johnson, Lee Sklar and Robert DeLeo having a green room hang.

Robert DeLeo's Stone Temple Pilots rig.

NS Design artist Chance Wilder Onody.

Scott Reeder and Ariane Cap.

Robert DeLeo with his 2001 Bass Player cover.

Jimmy Johnson performing after accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kiesel Guitars in every shape and color.

Phil Jones Bass' compact Double Four amp. 

A gorgeous Mana Basso Signature 5-string.

The Sonic Nuance Electronics Bass DI.

A beautiful batch of Corn Basses.

MarkBass' powerful and distinct yellow-coned amps.

Eden Amps' cabs on display.

Ibanez's newest lines of basses. 

Alclair's CMVK Five Driver in-ears, which are perfect for low end.

Bass Strings Online's assortment of gear.

NS Design's beautiful electric upright and electric basses.

The small but booming collection of Kala Brand UBasses.

Any sound you could ever dream of.

A few Allen Eden Basses with great finishes.

Warwick with a burly set of basses.

Billy Sheehan's Signature Yamaha Bass.

Plenty of new innovations at the Ashdown Engineering booth.

Steve Bailey with an NS Design.

Spector Basses were in high demand.

The Gizmotron in action. 

Jonathan Herrera hosting a clinic with Steve Bailey and Lee Sklar.

Chris Jisi hosting the Donald "Duck" Dunn clinic with Nick Rosaci and Bob Glaub.

Supro Basses.

MTD Basses.

A gorgeous Ken Smith Basses 6-string.

SIT Strings with custom made sets.

Jerry Watts rocking an MTD.

Jimmy Johnson and Bob Glaub.

Jimmy sharing the secrets of his brilliant DI sound.

Angeline Saris demonstrating the two ways to pose with strings at GHS.

A Warwick Star Bass played by Darryl Anders.

Janek Gwisdala grooving on an Aguilar amp.

Uriah Duffy making the rounds.

Oskar Cartaya loving on his amps.

Bryan Beller making his entrance.

Abe Laboriel and Bukithi Kumalo bringing the house down.

Jimmy Johnson discussing his legendary career.

Pick up builder Curtis Novak.

Sherry Cuchette taking a solo at Lemur Music.

Jonathan Hischke, Steve Jenkins, and Bryan Beller. 

Our punk panel of Scott Reeder, Abby Travis, Norwood Fisher, and Ben Kenney.

Hadrien Feraud in awe of Duck Dunn's bass.

Frescia Belmar at MarkBass.

Ben Kenney sporting an Ibanez BTB.

Stay tuned for more photos and videos to come...