Timber Tones Exotic Plectrums

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Timber Tones has added three new lines to its vast catalogue of highly individual and unique, natural materials plectrums. The new Blues Tones, Jazz Tones and Jazzy Tones, include four per line, all hand finished from some of the world’s finest tonewoods off-cuts of the guitar industry and eco friendly, by-product, buffalo bone and horn.

Jazz Tones

Hand shaped from the finest buffalo bone and horn, the Jazz Tones represent Timber Tones take on that characteristic Jazz shape. Precision oriented, they are praised both by Jazzmen and Heavy Metal shredders alike.

Buffalo bone is used for its very bright, precise, clear sound, with natural fast and aggressive attack that is ideal for Heavy Metal shredders. For a more mellow approach, the Horn-crafted Jazz Tones offer a range of warmer, softer tones. Both these materials naturally absorb and diffuse soft heat, thus offering an extremely comfortable non-slip grip.

All Jazz Tones feature the all-important sharp chamfered tip, delivering a quicker and more accurate string release, essential for playing complex melody lines. Available in Natural, Black, Blond or White. And of course, Bone/Horn never wears out. For that extravert personality, Jazz Tones are offered with the same design as Jazzy Tones. Buffalo Bone which comes in Pink, Green, Turquoise or Orange.

Blues Tones

Crafted from four of the world’s most exotic tonewoods, the Blues Tones are the timbered answer to the Jazz Tones, 2mm thick and again, chamfered at the tip. They are extremely versatile and designed for use on bass or electric guitars, as well as steel or nylon strung acoustic guitars, whilst offering a wide variety of tones.

For their clean, bright hard edged attack, the Blues Tones in African Ebony are a favourite with electric guitar players, delivering an aggressive, focused performance ideal for blues or rock, with the capability of being worked hard over and over with minimal wear.

The Blues Tones crafted from Indian Rosewood, are perfect for less forceful or acoustic players, a great all-rounder with unique sonic characteristics. Dedicated nylon strung and classical players will adore the superior grip and tonal warmth of the Padauk Blues Tones, and the accurate response of the Blues Tones crafted from beautiful samples of the softer Haldu tonewood, perfect for harmonic chord progressions and silky smooth lead lines.

Jazz Tones, Jazzy Tones and Blues Tones RRP: £3 Each. Pack of four £11.

US Distribution: Harris Musical Products, Inc., (781) 341-0776, harris.musical@verizon.net

More information at timber-tones.com.

About Timber Tones

Timber Tones offers the biggest selection of luxury (non plastic) plectrums in the world. Since the launch of Timber Tones plectrums four years ago, these invaluable guitar accessories have become available in over 50% of music retail shops within the UK, and are distributed in more than 20 countries throughout the world. The Timber Tones catalogue now boasts over 100 different models constructed from a variety of materials including exotic tonewoods and natural bone, unique within shape, grip and sonic versatilities. All of them using eco-friendly sourced from off-cuts/by-products of other industries.As a company, Timber Tones remain extremely pro-active within events locally and internationally throughout the music media, launching new, innovative and individual models monthly.