Uproarious! The Bassists of the Uproar Festival

By BassPlayer ,

THE ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK UPROAR FESTIVAL, THE TOURING HARD rock/heavy metal music and lifestyle event produced by the same folks who brought us Mayhem and Taste of Chaos, began hitting U.S. and Canadian stages on August 26 (the tour continues through October 15). The caravan of hard rock and heavy metal includes a cadre of suitably heavy bass players, including Dale Stewart of Seether, Jay James of Bullet from My Valentine, Brad Walst of Three Days Grace, and Art of Dying’s Cale Gontier.

Avenged Sevenfold, who co-headlined last year’s inaugural Uproar Festival with Disturbed, returned to rule the 2011 tour. Bassist Johnny Christ, left, was joined by Max Green of Escape the Fate (top right), Vince Hornsby of Sevendust, Zakk Sandler of Black Tide, and Joey Bradford of Hell or Highwater.