Watch Adam Yauch Rock "Sabotage" and "Off The Grid" with the Beastie Boys (VIDEO)

MCA and the Beastie Boys play their classic hit "Sabotage" and instrumental jam "Off the Grid" live
By BP Staff ,

On top of being a prolific MC, Adam Yauch was also a terrific bass player in his time with the Beastie Boys. Yauch, better known as MCA, was known to rock a variety of Fender electric basses, Ampeg electric uprights and even full on double basses. After starting off as punk musicians, MCA and the Beasties caught their stride and became some of the forefathers of hip hop, but they continued to incorporate their instrumentation into their music over the years. 

Here is MCA and the Beasties playing their classic hit "Sabotage" in 2007: 

And here is a track off of their instrumental album The Mix-Up titled "Off the Grid" live: