Watch Chris Targia of Etherius' Bass Playthrough for "Thread of Life"

Etherius are set to release their stunning debut EP, entitled Thread of Life, on August 24, 2018
By BP Staff ,

New Jersey-based progressive metal quartet Etherius was formed by guitarist Jay Tarantino in 2017. After gaining experience as a touring rhythm guitarist for guitar virtuoso Angel Vivaldi, Tarantino decided to branch out on his own with the goal of making music unlike the djent/electronic stylings of the current instrumental guitar scene. The result is Etherius – a fresh new take on progressive metal/neoclassical shred that also incorporates classic thrash influences.

Bassist Chris Targia says, “’Thread of Life’ starts off with a slower tempo acoustic section, so I used fretless for this section of the song. The rest of the song is fretted and alternates between fingerstyle in the verses and bridge, and slap sections in the chorus, with the final chorus/solo adding more slap variations and fills."

The intro to the song was recorded on the Carvin LB76F fretless, and the rest was recorded on the Carvin LB75. The bass used in the video however is a Kiesel (formerly Carvin) Xccelerator X54. The video was filmed in High Tor State Park, New York and was filmed/directed/edited by Michael J. Adams – Blackline Studios

In addition to bassist Chris Targia and Jay Tarantino Etherius is drummer/producer Zaki Ali, as well as second guitarist John Kiernan. With one listen to Thread of Life it’s clear that combined, the four extremely talented musicians of Etherius produce a clean, awe-inspiring sound merging powerful progressive elements that will appeal to not only the most discerning and critical metal fans, but to the heavy music-loving masses as well.

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