Watch Doug (dUg) Pinnick and King's X Perform "Over My Head" and "It's Love"

Doug Pinnick displays his powerful playing in these clips of King's X
By BP Staff ,

Leading from the bottom, frontman dUg Pinnick brought with him a fantastically diverse mixture of ingredients—gospel-tinged vocals, a groove sensibility steeped in R&B, and a penchant for gnarly bass tones. With his frequent use of 12-string basses (slung super low by the terrifically tall southpaw) and bi-amped rigs, Pinnick created one of the most distinctive bass sounds in rock & roll, in and of itself a tremendous achievement. 

Check out Pinnick in this live clip playing "Over My Head" in Lodon with King's X to see how his voice is just as powerful as his bass playing:

And to throw things back, here is some old footage from 1992 of "It's Love":