Bass Player's 2015 Summer NAMM Coverage

Bass Player takes you inside 2015 Summer NAMM in Nashville to show you the hottest new gear and happenings
By ED Friedland ,

It's that time of year again when the collective music instrument industry packs up their bags and migrates to Nashville, Tennessee to check out the latest and greatest gear that is debuting at summer NAMM.

We sent our resident gear guru, Ed Friedland, to scour the halls of the Music City Center in search of the most noteworthy bass unveilings and to report everything regarding low end. Here's what Ed has to report:

Warwick Bass Bash 

Pantera/Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown pumps out Foxy Lady with Steve X taking over the drums. 

Josh Paul let's us know that it hasn't been a long time since he rocked and rolled. 

Is there a bass player in the house? Okay, then how about Ed Friedland? He'll do. 

Steve Bailey and Juan Alderte feeling the love. 

Dave Pomeroy chats up Mrs. Bass Whisperer. 

Warwick signature artist Steve Bailey is hanging on the diagonal. 

Nashville kingpin Dave Roe rocking it. 

Bassist Jared Jones and the band Vetted perform a rocking version of a Johnny Cash tune. Vetted is a band of Wounded Warriors performing at military bases for their compatriots. 

Beauty on the walls, and in the audience. 

You can dance if you want to... Warwick President Hans Peter Wilfer cuts a rug! 

Day Three Highlights

Victor Wooten, Chuck Rainey, Doug Wimbish, and John Anthony Martinez hanging at the Rhythm Intensive Booth. 

Ever get stuck with a long chart and no time to turn the page? Portastand has you covered. 

The Portastand lives up to its name! 

AEA Ribbon Mics has the new N22 (left) ribbon mic that can handle high SPLs, perfect for bass cabs. The N8 (right) works beautifully on upright bass. 

Hey there! Nashville's grand master of the upright, Dave Roe takes a chunk out of his Lemur Jupiter bass. 

Rich Barbera of Barbera pickups and Dave Roe hanging tight. 

The KKBaby Bass is a revival (with enhancements) of the old classic Ampeg model. 

Two Notes Audio brings out a new full-featured preamp...Le Bass! C'est si bon! (Pardon my French) 

Day Two Highlights:

From the 5th annual Thunder Row bass show at Douglas Corner Cafe - Ryan Madora leads her trio, the Interludes. 

Thunder Row organizer Roy Vogt leans into his new Keisel/Carvin signature model and rips up some 70s fusion madness. 

Brad Millard and his trio Innocent Monday throw down some original rock. It takes a real man to rock a hot pink Jaydee bass, and just in case he breaks a string... A pink P Bass is on standby!

Victor Wooten playing a solo set at the Hal Leonard booth.

A little "Ray of Sunshine" at the Sterling By MusicMan booth.

Yikes! Anyone looking for a lefty 7-string? Look no further than this stunning Warwick!

The much anticipated Peavey Mini Mega is in production, should be shipping by September! 

Cop a squat in a guitar chair! 

Bass models also available. 

Cruz Tools has their kit together! Everything you need for routine maintenance, or emergency repair. 

Cruz Tools shrink it down even more with their Stage Hand Tech Kit. 

Check out the stunning burled top on this Mayones J 5 sitring! 

Look closer... It's alive! 

Josh Paul says thumbs up! With Warwick's Hans Peter Wilfer. 

This dude was bugging out to the 2000 watt Bugera head! 

Available in solid state, or tube preamp versions, these Bugera heads are rated for 2000 watts into 4 ohms. 

The Eagle has landed. 

TC Electronic has a new Polytune in clip-on form. 

More goodies from TC. 

Aguilar adds their new Super Doubles to their excellent pickup line. 

Duncan unveiled their brand new Apollo dual-coil J pickups... No hum for you! 

Duncan's Studio Bass is a full-featured compressor in a stompbox. 

Guild reintroduces the fabled Starfire II bass, as well as a Chris Hilman (The Byrds) tribute model. 

Check out the cool Byrds logo on the 12th fret of the Guild Starfire I Chris Hilman bass. 

Hotone Audio showed off their massive Thunder Bass head... The heaviest 5w amp on the market.... See next pic.... 

Say what! 

LaBella is showing their new Gold White Nylon Tape Wound strings, along with the new Vapor Lock set. The 5-string J is by Mas Hino, and is a revelation! 

But wait... An Olinto preamp? And what's that... A prototype Olinto head...300 watts, tube preamp, Class D back end... And pure vintage tone. 

Little Big Town bassist John Thomasson falls in love with Red. 

Chuck Rainey and Ed Friedland discuss their Rhythm Intensive Workshop August 14-16 in Nashville, and August 21-23 in LA. 

Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick stops by to chat bass with us. 

Slaperoo Percussion has the Slap Stick - this thing has the thump! 

Who says gaffers tape has to be boring? 

Protect your most valuable asset with Etymotic Research ER-20 earplugs. 

Ever wish you had your own rubber room? Whisperroom has a place where no one can hear you scream. 

Yorkville Sound brought out their Small Block 200 bass head... Tiny package, big sound! A 500-watt version is also available. 

Yamaha is showing off their TRBX basses. 

100% Natural! An MTD Saratoga 4-string, loaded with Nordstrand pickups. 

The MTD Saratoga models feature non-angled head stocks, and more pickup choices like Nordstrand and Aguilar. These top-shelf babies are making a splash with the Nashville crowd. 

Bakithi Kumalo ripping up some jazz on the NS upright. 

A slick looking Candy Apple Red NS Design Radius, made in Indonesia. 

The NS Design NXT Omni bass has a unique harness that lets it sit like an upright, or electric bass. 

The new NS Design NXT Omni Bass is 34" scale and can be played vertically or horizontally with an ingenious strap system. 

Grammy Award winning Little Big Town bassist John Thomasson wraps his hands around an NS Design bass. 

Day One Highlights:

Bakithi Kumalo hanging loose with a Solidbody U Bass.

Rick Carlson of Kala shows off the new Bubinga U Bass, part of their exotic US-made line. 

SIT strings unveiled their new RB (Rock Bass) line of strings, available in unpicked and stainless steel.

TecAmp's Black Jag 500 comes in a rack mount version, or this retro-styled enclosure for a traditional look.

Warwick's new TeamBuilt Pro Series instruments are built in the same factory as their higher-priced Custom axes.

New from Warwick on their German-made custom shop instruments - wood tuner pegs that match the fingerboard! 

Maple tuner pegs up the sex appeal!

New kid on the block Rocklin basses has several models in the sub 1k price range.

Aguilar stomp boxes and pickups on display.

Two sides of ESP's bass catalog... The traditional.. 

And the modern... Look for the review of the new Bunny Brunel signature model (the three on the right) coming soon!

Stay tuned for more, as we'll be live updating all week!