Check Out All of The Latest Bass Gear at The 2016 Winter NAMM Show

Scope all of the latest and greatest gear with Bass Player's coverage of the biggest music event of the year, The NAMM Show.
By Jon D'Auria ,

We'll be bringing you live updates all weekend on the hottest, newest, and bassiest gear and happenings at this year's NAMM show. Stay tuned for all the action.

Day One Editor's Pick:

Aguilar Amplification's SL 410x Cabinet

Talk about a lightweight powerhouse. This 4x10 cab weighs in at 49 lbs, which is a great relief when it comes to lugging around gear. And on top of it's slick look and portability, this baby provides phenomenal clarity and power. Deep lows, strong mids and bright highs make this amp our editor's pick. It's available in March for a list prices of $1349. Check it out HERE

(Pictured here being modeled by the Aguilar team. We told you that baby is light.) 

Day Two Editor's Pick:

Senior Editor Elton Bradman and I were on a mission to find out which new line of strings were making the biggest waves at NAMM when we ran into Keith RIchards' bass player Paul Nowinski, who made us drop everything and head over to the D'Addario booth. After checking out their new NYXL bass strings we knew exactly why. Smooth to the touch, sturdy in design, and dynamic in tone, these new strings blew us away. With a steel core and nickel-plated wrap wire, these are a set of strings that you need to try yourself. Check them out HERE

Day Three Editor's Pick: 

Dunlop CBM105Q Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah

After talking shop with Dunlop gear geniuses Darryl Anders and Scott Shiraki, we spent a lot of time with Dunlop's bass pedal board. While all of their effects impressed us per usual, the star of the show was their Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah. You might be thinking, why would I need a wah for my bass? Well this compact little foot pedal changed our perception of that as well. When paired with other pedals, this little guy really shines–especially with Dunlop's MXR M82 Envelope Filter. That's when things got funky. Like really funky. Test this out yourself to see how a bass wah can enhance your pedal board. Check it out HERE

Day Four Editor's Pick:

Ibanez AGBV200A Artcore Bass

Amid the walls and walls of basses at the Ibanez booth, we were immediately drawn to this new model thanks to it's distressed and tarnished classic look. After picking it up, the hollowbody bass was extremely light, very well balanced, and a blast to play. The bass has a great vintage sound with a lot of wood qualities to it. The lows and super earthy sounding and the highs have great sustain and resonance. Definitely a bass to test out, along with the rest of their new Artcore line. Check it out HERE

Photo Recap: (Check back, as we will be uploading new pics for the next few days)

Billy Sheehan shreds through his Wednesday performance on the outdoor stage. (Photos by Melina Dellamarggio)

F Bass showed off their latest beautiful bass creations. F Bass creator George Furlanetto even gets in on the modeling.

Mike Lull walked us through his 2016 batch of new basses including this matte blue 4-string that we fell in love with. 

A Mayones Jabba 4-string bass.

A trio of Lakland basses.

Fodera's diverse array of basses saw a lot of traffic during the show.

Warrior Guitars debuted some of their new basses including these two The Messenger 4 and 5-string beauties. 

Ibanez commanded some serious real estate with their massive arsenal of basses. Turns out their Thundercat Signature 6-string Bass is one of the heaviest basses around.

EBS brought enough bass cabinets to trigger an earthquake. 

Pedulla's colorful collection of Buzz Basses with polyester-coated ebony fingerboards. 

This was about the closest we could get to the Sadowsky booth due to the heavy traffic of eager players. 

The latest Olinto model basses from La Bella.

Hollowbody and Semi-Hollowbody basses from D'Angelico Guitars 

PRS displayed their 20th Anniversary Private Stock 4-string (bottom two photos), along with their other finely crafted models. 

Fender Squire basses.

Sukop Basses showing off the look of their new headstock design. 

Elrick Basses.

Warwick's booth was the place to be if you were looking to hang with bass legends or test our some gear. 

Don't call it a cello! Paul Nowinski (Keith RIchards) strums a 1/10 scale upright bass.

We spent a good long while exploring the great effects at the Dunlop booth.

Eden's Terra Nova amps are surprisingly light and impressively powerful.

Ernie Ball mixed the old with the new with their Music Man bass collection.

 Rickenbacker's floating glass display was almost as impressive as their basses.

Kala Basses.

Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington brought down the house at the Hartke booth.

Wayne Jones demonstrated his 2x10 cabinets for us.

It was a blast testing out the thunderous Trickfish Amps.

Cort displaying their new Jeff Berlin signature series along with their Action DLX (bottom).

Gallien-Krueger gave a sneak peek of their new Plex tone-sculpting pedal.

 Jens Ritter always has some new stunning basses on hand.

Nik Huber holding up his first ever bass series.

Dug Pinnick couldn't be happier about his custom Tech 21 amp series.

 Spector basses celebrated their 40th anniversary in style.

Ashdown Amplification 

Alissia bringing the funk at the Dunlop booth. Their demo pedalboard is full of amazing bass effects.

ESP LTD has several walls of great bass models. It's like a playground in here.

One of many of the gorgeously crafted basses by Marleaux.

Bassist Frescia Belmar shows off the newest gig bag from GRUV GEAR.

We're loving the latest and greatest bass collection from Mike Lull Custom Guitars.

Andrew Gouche, Bobby Vega, and Robert Bubby Lewis looking serious about MTD Basses.

A new Mike Lull bass with a slick blue matte finish.

An army of Spector Basses to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

Dug Pinnick showing off his new Tech 21 Ultra Bass 1000. As you can imagine, this new rig is loud and powerful.

Lee Sklar showing off a new Warwick bass.

A Jens Ritter Roya 5-string in quilted maple.

Victor Wooten stopped by the Warwick booth for a quick hang with Norwood Fisher. Lots of bass love in these parts.

The brand new Cort Jeff Berlin Signature Rithimic 4-string bass with an alder body. 

Rickenbacker Basses showing of their classic collection.

Check the new batch of Ernie Ball Music Man Basses.

A Warwick Streamer CS 4-string.

This Warwick Masterbuilt Custom Shop Corvette with a black walnut Burl top is worthy of a gallery. And we're not just saying that because of the frame

A Sukop Retro Firebird Bass with a buckeye burl top, alder back, single music man style pick up and an ebony fingerboard

An Elrick Expat Series NJS 4 with a spalted maple burl top, a swamp ash body and a quarter-sewn maple neck.

Fodera Guitars showing off their new 2016 lines of basses.

A Fender Postmodern Journeyman Relic Jazz Bass in fire mist gold. 

PRS' 20th Anniversary Private Stock 4-string is a thing of beauty. 

The polyester-coated ebony fingerboards on these Pedulla Buzz Basses are insanely fast.

A Mayones Basses Jabba 5-string semi-hollowbody made of alder wood with a hard rock maple neck. 

A brand new F Bass BN5 with a bronze finish, northern ash center block with alder wings, and exposed pole pickups. 

Ibanez Guitars is bringing the relic look with their distressed AFBV200ATCL and AGBV200ATCL basses. They sound killer.

Lakland Basses are rolling out new customizble options for basses at The NAMM Show, including these snazzy LED fret markers.

Aguilar Amplification 

Aguilar Amplification Announces the SL 410x Bass Cabinet


Boss Announces the BC-1X Bass Comp

Boss Introduces the ES-5 Effects Switching System

The Bass Bash

The Bass Bash Announces 2016 NAMM Lineup


D'Addario Announces NYXL Bass Strings


Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Bass Preacher Compression Pedal

Fodera Basses

Fodera Unveils New 2016 Bass Models

Journey Instruments 

Journey Instruments Launches The First Collapsible Carbon Fiber Acoustic Travel Bass Guitar

Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie Releases the Subway D800 Amp and the Subway Ultra-Lite 1x12 and 1x15 Cabinets

Metalin' Guitars

Metalin’ Guitars to Offer 4 and 5 String Basses in 2016

Trickfish Amplification

Trickfish Amplification Welcomes Derek Elliott, Lynne Davis, and Elie Afif

Willcox Guitars 

Willcox Guitars Debuts the USA Custom Shop Version of the Stylus Electric Upright Bass

Check back, as we'll have more to come soon...