New Gear: December 2013

By BassPlayer ,

Rx Strings

La Bella’s new Rx strings are wound on a hexagonal core to prevent buzzing and enhance intonation, and they boast more flexibility and lighter tension than some of the company’s current sets. Rx strings are available in stainless steel and nickel-plated steel, for 4-, 5-, and 6-string models, and for short, medium, standard, and extra-long scales. Each set is available in various combinations of .040–.100 and .045–.105 gauges matched with a .030 C string and a .130 B string.
Street From $27 (4-string nickel) to $42 (6-string nickels)

Modern Player Starcaster & Coronado Basses

StarcasterCoronado Fender turns back the clock yet again with two 30”-scale semi-hollowbodies from yesteryear. With its bound f-holes, “amp”-style control knobs, Fender Wide Range humbuckers, black-dot inlays, 4-saddle Fender Hi-Mass bridge, and distinctive headstock, the Starcaster proudly proclaims its vintage credentials. Though it shares several of the Starcaster’s attributes, the Coronado boasts Fideli’Tron humbuckers, a three-ply black pickguard, and an Adjusto-Matic bridge with floating “F” trapeze tailpiece. The Starcaster is available in natural, black, and aged cherry burst gloss finishes; the Coronado comes in three-color sunburst, black, candy apple red, and black cherry burst gloss finishes.
Street $750

Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner

Korg’s 19-inch, single-rackspace tuner operates in three modes: regular (needle in the middle when you’re in tune), strobe (LED freezes when you’re in tune), and half-strobe (LED stops moving and the middle lights up when you’re in tune). Other features include a buffered output, mute, line level input, and a cable checker.
Street $100

Expat NJS Basses

The latest generation of Elrick’s Expat NJS basses features updated pickguards, exclusive Elrick bridges, matching metal knobs, fretboard markers (including block inlays), new colors, and matching headstocks. The 24-fret, 34"-scale 4-strings and 35"-scale 5-strings come with Bartolini J-style pickups, Bartolini 3-band preamps with 2-way mid, and active bypass. Each instrument comes with Hipshot hardware, Straplok-compatible Dunlop strap buttons, Elrick Fundamental strings, and an Elrick Zero Gravity case.
Direct $2,500

GD-02 Great Divide Analog Synth Octaver

Drop a little synth mayhem on your bandmates and audiences with TWA’s Great Divide, which features five independent voices (octave down, octave up, octave up plus envelope, sub, and synth) for you to tweak and blend. There’s also a dry voice, four selectable waveforms for the synth voice, an effects loop to patch in external effects, and 12 Internal controls to adjust various voice parameters.
Direct $400

Artisan 20th Anniversary Basses

Artisan A5Artisan B4 Cort celebrates its 20th birthday with the Artisan A Custom 20th and the Artisan B 20th. The neck-through A Custom 20th boasts a bubinga, maple, and African wenge body and neck, an Indian rosewood fingerboard, Bartolini Custom MK- 4CBC pickups, and a Bartolini HR5.4AP preamp. The swamp ash Artisan B 20th sports a bolt-on African wenge and rosewood neck with an African wenge fingerboard, as well as a Bartolini preamp and MK-1 pickups.
Street $800 (Artisan A4 and B4); $850 (Artisan A5 and B5)

Micro DI Pedal

Mooer’s cute little Micro DI is small enough to fit in your back pocket but packed enough to take to a gig. Besides the basics—a ¼" instrument input, a balanced XLR output, an unbalanced ¼" output, and a ground lift switch—the 1.5" x 3.5" DI offers players the option of adjusting the input signal with -20dB, 0dB, +20dB settings, and there’s also a virtual cabinet emulator that simulates the sound of a 4x12 cab.
Street $90