New Gear from Ampeg, Electro-Harmonix, Spector, and More

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Street Free

One10 1x10 & Eight10 8x10 cabinets
This U.K.-based manufacturer’s new 8Ω, 500-watt 1x10 has a full-range 10" driver with 2" concentric midrange dome. It’s lightweight (16 pounds with a steel grille, 15 with a cloth grille) and small (15" high, 11.5" wide, and 11" deep). Its 79-pound big brother, a 4Ω 8x10, is four feet tall, two feet wide, and 15.5" deep. It maxxes out at 2,000 watts.
Street One10 1x10 ($500), Eight10 ($2,500)

CodaP 4 Pro and CodaPJ 4 Pro basses
Spector goes old school with its 34"-scale bolt-on CodaP and CodaPJ 4-strings, which both feature a one-piece maple neck, 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with dot markers, and an alder body in addition to a Spector TonePump Jr preamp, Spector locking die-cast bridge, and high-gloss finish. The maple-top CodaP boasts a figured-maple top and Spector Alnico split-coils, while the PJ rocks Spector Alnico split-coils and a single-coil.
Street CodaP 4, $800; CodaPJ 4, $840

B1p Bass Preamp
Inspired by the legendary Pearce BC1 preamp, this 100 percent analog, true-bypass pedal features a limiter footswitch with variable threshold control, active ±15dB bass, mids, and treble (with sweepable midrange frequency control), drive, boost mode (with overdrive and EQ, adjustable via internal trimpots), an effect loop, as well as send and return jacks.
Street $500

Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom
Austrian-born bassist/educator Ariane Cap’s new book aims to help bass players apply music theory (including intervals, major and minor scales, triads, four-note chords, cycle of 5ths, and modes) to the fingerboard, practice it in a systematic way, and use theory creatively—right away.
Street $30

TXB Tele and TX-Chubby basses
The classic-looking TXB, which boasts a modern twist of lightweight ergonomics and huge soapbar sound, is available in ash, alder, or mahogany and with any pickup configuration, including Aguilar dual-coils (pictured). The TX-Chubby, which flaunts an extra thick 2r" body while being fully chambered for low weight and huge resonance, is available in any wood and pickup configuration, including Nordstrand dual-coils (pictured).
Street TXB Tele ($2,600), TX-Chubby ($3,300)

Portaflex PF-20T head, PF-50T head & PF-112HLF 1x12
The 20-watt and 50-watt descendents of the famous B-15, each bolstered with a pair of 12AX7 tubes—as well as a pair of 6V6 power-amp tubes in the PF-20T and a 12AU7 matched with a pair of 6L6 tubes in the PF50T—can both be switched between four ohms or eight ohms. The PF-50T adds a preamp out, 5-position mid-tone control, and ultra high/low boosts. The 200-watt PF-112HLF 1x12 boasts a 12" Eminence LF driver and 1" HF compression driver.
Street PF-20T ($600), PF-50T ($900), PF-112HLF ($400)