New Gear from Ashdown, Kala, EBS, and More

EBS Classic 500
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Classic 500

Sweden’s EBS turns back the clock with a 31-pound, solid-state bass amp that puts out up to 500 watts into 2Ω and 440 watts into 4Ω. Dial in your perfect tone with bass, high mids, low mids, and treble, and add a little grit with a DRIVE knob and a high-/lowpass filter CHARACTER switch.
Street $1,400

Instrument Stands

Metalin' GooseneckMetalin' Floor Looking for a stylish, distinctive way to display your favorite basses? These lightweight stands, made of solid aluminum, are both sturdy and nice to your instrument—there’s a lacquer-safe padding that means there’ll be no scratching. Choose from floor and gooseneck models, as well as several custom finishes. Best of all, they break down flat for easy storage and moving.
Street Floor, $150; gooseneck, $170

SG Special Bass

With its solid mahogany body, mahogany neck, volume/volume/tone controls, 30" scale length, angled headstock, and dual pickups, the SG Special Bass carries the flavor of its famous ancestor. Besides its T-Bird Plus and vintage-style T-Bird mini pickups, the SG Special Bass also boasts max-grip speed knobs, a Graph Tech nut, Grover shamrock-style tuners, and a three-point adjustable bridge. The SG Special Bass’s 20-fret rosewood fingerboard features a cool Gibson 120th anniversary banner on the 12th fret. It comes with a vintage brown hardshell case.
Street $700

Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass

South African legend Kumalo’s signature fretless Kala U-Bass features custom Hipshot tuners, a maple neck, GraphTech Black Tusq nut, rosewood fretboard, and a swamp ash body. Like every U-Bass, the electronics are by LR Baggs. The 21"-scale Kumalo, which is available in an espresso brown finish, ships in a custom deluxe gig bag.
List $1,300

Michael Benson FuzzDriver

Ready to mix and match your fuzz and overdrive? EC Pedals’ new FuzzDriver pairs the company’s Bass Overlord (with its LEVEL, GAIN, and TONE controls) and Angry Ape Gated Fuzz (LEVEL, TONE, GAIN, and GROWL) effects into one gnarly monster.
Street $250

Nate Mendel NM2 Double Distortion

Ashdown’s latest Artist series release is a stereo pedal with two separate distortions—each with its own MASTER control, drive mix, and footswitch—that can be used together or routed to different amps. The NM2 also boasts a meter switch that toggles between displaying the clean and dirty signals on its VU meter.
Street $170

JB4 Type 3 Pickups

4-string5-string Available as direct replacement for conventional Jstyle pickups, Aero Instrument’s new JB4 Type 3 pickups feature Alnico 2 magnets in the familiar exposed two-polepiece-per-string arrangement. Custom options available include different string spacing, unexposed polepieces, and soapbar-shaped covers. The JB4 Type 3 pickups can be used in combination with any onboard preamp, although despite being passive, their high output level does not require one.
List $270/pair (4-string), and $310/pair (5-string)