New Gear from GHS, Takamine, MXR, and More

By BassPlayer ,

Big Core Bass Strings

GHS’s new Big Core Bass strings feature a combination of stainless steel and nickel–iron wraps over a larger core. The increased core-to-cover ratio design is optimized for drop tunings without requiring heavier gauges. The set is rounded out with a tapered E string that maintains balance and tone from the G to E strings.
Street $25

GB30CE & GB72CE Basses

Takamine’s GB30CE and GB72CE acoustic bass guitars sport solid spruce tops, 21-fret necks with 16" fingerboard radius, and Takamine TK-40B electronics with onboard tuning. The GB30CE, which boasts mahogany back and sides, comes in a gloss natural or gloss black finish, while the GB72CE and its flame-maple back and sides is available in a gloss natural or gloss sunburst finish.
Street GB30CE, $500; GB72CE, $600

BIAS Amplifier Modeler & Designer App for iPad

BIAS, the new app from the folks who brought us JamUp Pro XT for iOS, comes equipped with 36 amp models, including four bass amps: Blue Line (based on the 1969 Ampeg SVT), GK 800 (based on Gallien-Krueger’s 800RB head), AD 20 (based on the Orange AD200), and Super Bass (based on the Fender Super Bassman). The app also features the 2x10 Bass Pro (based on SWR Golight Jr. 2x10), the 4x10 Bass GK (based on a G-K 4x10), the 6x10 Bass Blue (based on Ampeg SVT 6x10), and the 8x10 Bass Super (based on the Fender Super Bassman 8x10).
Download $20

Expat e-volution 4- & 5-strings

Like Elrick’s Expat New Jazz Standard basses, Expat e-volution basses feature U.S. Bartolini pickups and electronics, as well as hardware by Hipshot, including the exclusive Elrick bridge. Select swamp-ash bodies, matching wood control covers, and three-piece maple necks with wenge fingerboards complete the package.
Street $2,500

M81 Bass Preamp

MXR adds another winner to its Bass Innovations line with the M81, which combines a bass preamp with a DI in a Phase 90-size box. The Bass Preamp features separate input and output level controls, a 3-band EQ section with sweepable midrange, a pre/post EQ switch, and a ground lift. The M81 is factory preset to operate in buffered bypass with both the EQ section and DI section active, but players can use just the EQ section by flipping an internal switch that disables the DI and engages true-bypass mode.
Street $170

VF-P Bass

With its 34" scale, two-piece alder body, 21 frets, slab maple neck and fingerboard, volume/tone controls, and ’64 Precision-inspired Aguilar AG 4P-60 pickup, F Bass’s passive, 8-pound homage to the P-Bass hits all the classic notes. Options include chrome covers for the pickup and bridge, modern or classic neck shapes, a choice of finishes and pickguard colors, chrome or black plastic knobs, and a rosewood fingerboard.
Street $3,500

400S Compact Bass Amp & 2×6 Combo

400S Compact Bass Amp Netherlands-based Hevos’ 400S head and 2x6 combo amps share several similarities: Both 4Ω, 400-watt amps have two input sections, mute switches for silent tuning, 4-band EQ sections, headphone outputs, and XLR line-outs that can be set for pre- or post-EQ. The 400S head weighs 4.4 pounds, while the 2x6 weighs in at 30 pounds.
Street 400S, $1,140; 2x6, $1,775