New Gear From the NAMM Show

Note: In recent months, we’ve run other New Gear listings for products that officially debuted at this year’s NAMM Show.
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Note: In recent months, we’ve run other New Gear listings for products that officially debuted at this year’s NAMM Show. They include the Aguilar Tone Hammer 350, EBS Reidmar 250, strings, Fender Select Precision and Jazz Basses, Fuchs Bruiser, LoPhat cabinets, Mike Lull Jeff Ament JACT4 signature bass, and Peavey Headliner.

The MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe ($130) offers separate dry and wet controls to help bassists get an inyour- face fuzz while retaining their low end.

Warwick has expanded its line of signature basses with the Jack BruceSurvivor ($8,775, top right) and Jimmy Earl Signature ($9,100, lower right) basses; the booth was bustling when Warwick presented Bootsy Collins with a limited edition Bootsy Space Bass ($OMG, left).

On the heels of its Bass Chorus Boost, Tech 21 has released the Bass Boost Fuzz ($195), which offers up to 21dB of clean boost, controlled independently from the fuzz effect.

Parker has returned with a new bass, the Maxx Fly ($6,000), which has a swamp ash body, a carbon glass epoxy fingerboard, and EMG piezo and magnetic pickups.

Epifani has released the first-ever solid aluminum hybrid enclosures in their AL Series. AL combos feature Epifani’s Piccolo 600 amplifier.

Gallien-Krueger has spruced up its MB Series II combos, MBP Powered Enclosures, and MBE Series II cabinets with a sleek new look.

Fodera has expanded its line of Standard basses to include the Matt Garrison Standard ($8,750).

DR Strings Dragon Skins ($37–45) feature the company’s proprietary K3 coating on a stainless steel wire wrap in standard gauges for 4- and 5-string basses.

Ashdown celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with a number of new amps— including the 2000-watt monster ABM 2000— and two new signature pedals, the Nate Mendel NM-SA StackedActor dual overdrive and the Pino Palladino Dual Octo Pedal.

Fender is now shipping its 100-watt Bassman 100T ($1,450, left) and 300-watt Super Bassman ($1,800, top) heads, along with an array of matching 1x15, 4x10 ($699), 6x10, and 8x10 Neo cabinets.

Ampeg added to its Micro line of mini-stacks with the Micro-CL ($350), which pairs a 100-watt head with a 2x10 cabinet, weighing 47 pounds in total.

Source Audio has launched a new line of pedals, the Soundblox 2, which essentially shrink down the popular effects in the company’s Soundblox line into smaller stompboxes.

ESP Guitars called on its growing roster of bass players in designing signature models with Frank Bello (ESP Frank Bello, $2,000; LTD FB-4, $950), Pancho Tomaselli (LTD PT-4, $900), Dan Kenny (LTD DK-5, $1,000), and Gabe Crisp (LTD GC-4, $950).

Got cable? Planet Waves sure does. Its new American Stage (10', $18) line of highend cables are built here in the U.S.A.

Markbass has released three new heads—including the 4.7 pound, 500 watt Big Bang—and four new stompboxes, the MB7 Booster, the MB7 Distorsore, the MB Mini Boost, and the MB Mini Dist.

The new B3 ($200) bass effects and amp simulator from Zoom features three LCD displays with corresponding footswitches for a powerful, compact, intuitive stompbox.

TC Electronic has expanded its TonePrint pedal technology to include bass, with downloadable pedal presets from such players as Nathan East, Mark King, Janek Gwizdala, Divinity Roxx, and more.

Peavey teamed up with Rudy Sarzo to design the Cirrus Rudy Sarzo Signature ($1,500), a 4-string. 35"-scale neckthrough bass with a maple/mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and a body wings made of chambered bamboo, a sustainable, renewable wood.