New Gear: January 2014

By BassPlayer ,

Duality Dual Fuzz Engine

Fuzz fanatics who think two is better than one can celebrate the arrival of Darkglass Electronics’ new Duality, which boasts two separate fuzz circuits— an old school sawtooth and a 4-stage CMOS highgain distortion—that can be used separately or together. You can also blend a third element, your dry signal, into the mix and use the filter knob to cut or accentuate high harmonic content.
Street $250

7710T White Nylon Tape Wound Double Bass Strings

Looking for upright strings that balance the rich tone of gut with the sustain of steel? These new tapewounds, co-created with Ron Carter, are wound with a clear proprietary nylon, resulting in a string that’s smoother to the touch but boasting brighter tone and clarity than the company’s 7710N strings. 7710T’s come standard in e size, but are available in q, w, and full sizes, as well as a special length for Ampeg Baby Basses. La Bella also sells high C, low C, and extended-scale low C.
Street $140

Rocky IV Bass

Get in the ring with this 34"-scale alder-body 4-string, which boasts a Seymour Duncan Music Man pickup/EQ circuit, a 20-fret maple neck with black blocks, JENZ machine heads, Hipshot Vintage bridge, and 12k gold leafing by SoCal painter Sonny Boy.
Street $2,700; with gold leaf, $3,700


Looking for a true-bypass fuzz pedal that gives control of your mids and your wet/dry mix? Besides its GAIN, VOLUME, and BLEND controls, EBS’s new FuzzMo boasts a “character filter” with mid-scoop settings and a SHAPE control with triangle wave and square wave options. Works with either 9V DC battery or power supply.
Street $175

Stand Out Wall Hanger

Hang your bass in style with a wall hanger from Kala, the folks who brought you the U-Bass. Kala’s new Stand Outs, made with reclaimed wood hand selected from a Northern California salvage facility, are available in two sizes, one that fits ukulele and mandolins and another for guitar and bass instruments, including the U-Bass.
Street $24

Next Step Crying Bass Wah/Fuzz & Slammi Pitch-Shifter/Harmony

Electro-Harmonix’s Next Step series gets a boost with two bass-friendly stompboxes. The Crying Bass Wah/Fuzz lives up to its name with a big dose of distortion and wah-wah flavor, but it also boasts a lowpass filter to protect the bottom end. With its 11-position control, the Slammi Pitch-Shifter/ Harmony pedal allows the player to set the pedal’s maximum bend/interval to detune for a lush chorus effect, as well as a wide selection of intervals (half-step, major 2nd, major 3rd, perfect 4th, perfect 5th, major 6th, minor 7th, octave, two octaves, and three octaves). The Slammi’s controls also include a thumb wheel for dry volume, which blends in the instrument’s dry signal. Like other Next Step effects, both pedals forego moving parts in favor of motion sensors, and both run on 9-volt batteries or with AC adaptors.
Street Crying Bass Wah/Fuzz, $97; Slammi Polyphonic Pitch-Shifter/Harmony, $145