New Gear: May 2013

Pigtronix’ latest bass offerings are guitar products that have been tuned and tweaked for better low end.
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Bass Envelope Phaser, Philosopher Bass Compressor & Bass Fat Drive
Pigtronix’ latest bass offerings are guitar products that have been tuned and tweaked for better low end. Highlights of the Bass Envelope Phaser are its vowel-like articulation and Pigtronix staccato envelope circuit, while the Philosopher Bass Compressor boasts infinite clean sustain, a BLEND knob for preserving natural string attack via parallel compression, and a harmonic distortion tuned especially for low-frequency domination. The Bass Fat Drive, which sports a bass-specific low-pass filter, uses a proprietary Pigtronix CMOS clipping concept to sculpt a big sound that breaks up based on how hard you hit the strings.
Street Bass Envelope Phaser, $200; Philosopher Bass Compressor, $170; Bass Fat Drive, $150

BC10 Combo Amp
Warwick has expanded its BC series of combo amps with the 13-pound BC10, a 10-watt 1x8 combo with discrete inputs for active or passive basses, a 3-band EQ, a built-in limiter, a stereo AUX IN, and a headphone out.
Street $130

Sixx Signature Bass
Schecter’s new Nikki Sixx Signature boasts neck-through construction with a mahogany body and a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, a rosewood fingerboard, and a custom bridge that offers through-body or top-loading stringing options. Loaded with EMG P/J pickups and available in satin black or vintage sunburst, this Crüe-approved axe is a guaranteed attention-grabber.
Street $1,400 (left-handed, $1,500)

ESP’s newest 4-string neck-through features a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, an alder/swamp ash body, and a rosewood fretboard. The LTD BB-4 is fortified with Seymour Duncan/Basslines Quarter Pounder P- and J-style pickups; a thumbrest, clear pickguard, Grover tuners, chrome bridge, 34" scale length, active/passive switch, and 3-band onboard EQ with mid-frequency control round out the BB-4’s feature set.
Street $800

CR5 Radius 5-string
The Czech-made, 35"-scale CR5 Radius sports a phenolic fingerboard on a graphite-reinforced maple neck. A maple top adorns a body chambered for lateral balance and radiused for maximum playing comfort. The Radius’ custom EMG pickups are matched with NS Design’s bridge-mounted piezos, and controls include treble and bass boost/cut, a magnetic-pickups selector switch, and a switch for blending magnetic and piezo pickups. This headless bass accepts conventional single-ball strings.
Street $2,700

StageBug SB-2 Passive & SB-4 Piezo Direct Boxes
Looking for a subcompact DI for your upright? Your electric? Your piezo-equipped ABG? Radial Engineering has got you covered. A -15dB pad makes Radial’s SB-2 compatible with both passive and active electric basses, and a polarity reverse switch helps solve phasing issues without the EQ impact of notch filtering. Meanwhile, the StageBug SB-4’s high 10MΩ input impedance is designed to smooth out the squawk common to piezo pickup systems.
Street $80