New Gear : November 2010

TC Electronic PolyTune iPhone App, Like 6 MIDI Mobilizer, E.W.S. Tri-logic Bass Preamp & More!
By BassPlayer ,

JBH Guitars Sun Ra Marimbula

It’s a band in a box! The JBH Guitars Sun Ra marimbula is a bass mbira that doubles a cajon. An optional transducer makes this marimbula stage-ready. JBH’s Standard model comes with 15 tunable tines.
Price $350

TC Electronic polytune iPhone App

Hot on the heels of their super-hip Polytune pedal tuner, TC is releasing an iPhone version. It has the same simultaneousstring- strum tuning power and a clean and elegant interface.
Price $9.99

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer

If you’re a bassist that dabbles with synths and computer recording, you’ll probably love the Mobilizer, provided you own an iPhone or iPod touch. It can play, record, and backup MIDI data with its simple and effective interface.
Price $69

E.W.S. Tri-Logic Bass Preamp II

An update to Xotic’s first-generation Tri-Logic bass preamp, E.W.S.’s Tri-Logic II offers the same headroom and toneshaping options of the original in a smaller and less expensive stompbox.
Price $152

Grace Design M103

Grace, a well-regarded builder of ultra–hifi studio gear, has just released a single-rackspace channel strip that could make an excellent preamp for bassists obsessed with detail, clarity, and precision EQ. It boasts majorly high-end components and comprehensive I/O options.
Price $1,575

T-Rex Tonebug Phaser and Chorus + Flanger

Part of T-Rex’s budget-friendly Tonebug line of pedals, the new Phaser and Chorus/Flanger pedals offer a range of modulation effects, from subtle shimmer to psychedelic flange.
Price (MSRP) $199

Onyx Musical Products OM12

Specifically designed for upright bassists, the OM12 has a neodymium 12" woofer and a 6" midrange driver. Patterned after a studio monitor, the OM12 was designed for clarity and flat frequency response.
Price $495