New Gear: October 2013

Spector adds another axe to its Korean Professional Series with the 34"-scale CK-4, a neck-through 4-string.
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Chris Kael CK-4 Signature
Spector adds another axe to its Korean Professional Series with the 34"-scale CK-4, a neck-through 4-string. Its maple body, shaped like the company’s Rex signature bass, sports a 3-piece rock maple neck that’s carbon-fiber reinforced, as well as a removable knuckle plate at the bridge inspired by Five Finger Death Punch bassist Kael. The CK-4 also boasts a rosewood fingerboard, a brass nut, sealed-gear tuning machines, active EMG J and P pickups, and an EMG BT tone circuit. Available in black and white matte finishes, the CK-4 comes with black hardware.
Street $2,000

Gate Keeper Noise Gate

Anyone with a long signal path can appreciate the need for Pigtronix’s new Gate Keeper, a true-bypass pedal built with J-FET circuitry to banish the noises you don’t want to hear. The controls are straightforward: There’s a threshold knob that tells the pedal when to close the gate and a release knob that tells the pedal how fast to close it. The Gate Keeper comes with an 18VDC 300mA supply.
Street $150

 Gold Instrument Silent Series Cables
Ready to unplug your bass without turning down your amp? Mogami’s new Silent Series cables feature a Neutrik Silent Plug that automatically silences the cable so there’s no annoying “pop” when you unplug. The cables have oxygen-free copper cores for transparency, carbon-impregnated PVC, an ultra high-density spiral shield, and a conductive polymer sub-shield. Each cord also comes with a lifetime warranty.
Street $25 and up, depending on length

Maxon AD10 Analog Delay & ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus
Godlyke kicks off its new Compact Series with the Ambient Stereo Chorus pedal, which features stereo outputs, and the Maxon AD10 Analog Delay, which boasts up to 600 milliseconds of delay. Both all-analog pedals feature include easy-access battery doors, LED status indicators, 9-volt battery or AC power options, and buffered bypass switching.
Street AD10 Analog Delay, $250; ASC10 Ambient Stereo Chorus, $230

TJS-632 Todd Johnson Signature
Zon’s latest offering, built for bassist/educator Todd Johnson, is a headless, 32"-scale 6-string with a guanacoste body, a myrtlewood top, a 26- fret phenowood fingerboard on a composite neck, dual-coil Bartolini TJCX pickups, and a ramp between the pickups. The 8-lb. TJS-632 also uses the HipShot headless tuning system. An Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with volume, pickup blend, and bass/mid/ treble boost cut rounds out the package.
Street $6,580

GXL-U and GXL-U Wireless Systems
Roam the stage cable-free with CAD Audio’s GXL wireless systems. The GXL-V VHF receiver features two channels of VHF wireless, and the GXL-U UHF receiver includes two channels of UHF wireless. Each unit sports RF and AF indicator lights, a volume control, XLR and ¼" discrete outputs, as well as an XLR that outputs both channels. Both systems are available with handheld or bodypack transmitters, and all bodypack systems come with guitar cable and condenser headworn mikes.
Street GXL-V VHF, $140; GXL-U UHF wireless, $230

PB4 & PB5 Basses

Carvin’s new PB4 is a 34"-inch, passive 4-string with an 8.25-pound alder body, a single split-coil pickup, and straightforward volume and tone controls. The bolt-on neck features a rosewood fingerboard with standard white dots, 20 medium-jumbo frets, an SB-style headstock, and Carvin tuners. The PB-4’s Carvin bridge has adjustable lockdown saddles and can be strung through the body or from the top. The similarly passive Carvin PB5 5-string shares the PB4’s specs except for its 22 medium-jumbo frets and 8.75-pound weight.
Street PB4, $870; PB5, $940