New Gear

New Products from TC Electronic, Onkartgromt, and Tsakalis Audioworks
By BP Staff ,

SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver

This bass preamp doesn’t just have a 4-band EQ, an active DI with balanced XLR output, overdrive, and compression—it’s also a practice machine with a headphone amp and an aux input.

Street $200

FunkyFellow envelope filter, TurboTore EQ & Tremolando tremolo pedals

This Norwegian company is making a splash with three far-out new pedals: the FunkyFellow, which has controls for sensitivity, resonance, frequency, and output, as well as a switch for highpass, bandpass, and lowpass filter; the TurboTore, with a 6-band parametric EQ, adjustable parameters for level, frequency, Q, and output; and the Tremolando, which gives you control over level, frequency, depth, and shape. Each pedal sports a 1.5mm steel case, expression-pedal input for frequency and depth adjustment, and momentary soft true bypass.

Street $300

Phonkify envelope filter & Galactic multi-modulation pedals

Straight from Greece comes the Phonkify envelope filter, which offers “smooth” and “nasty” flavors, as well as wah, octave up and/or down, octave footswitch, and an expression-pedal jack for the envelope. The Galactic allows users to creatively combine phaser, univibe, vibrato, rotary, and flanger tones, with three expression-pedal jacks for ultimate control of speed, depth, and blend.

Street $215 (Phonkify), $300 (Galactic)