The Force is Strong in This Millennium Falcon Bass By Doni Custom Guitars

Doni Custom Guitars Unleashes the Force With This Star Wars-Themed Bass
By Jon D'Auria ,

United Kingdom-based company, Doni Custom Guitars, have blended the best of both worlds for bass geeks and sci-fi nerds alike with their "Millennium Falcon" bass. 

The basses are crafted using beautifully detailed, completely original Millennium Falcon models for the bodies and are fully functional instruments. The bass also comes with a custom flight case to keep the dark forces away from it. 

"The original Millennium Falcon bodies are always in good condition, some even perfect – it varies considering they’re from anywhere between 1979 and 2004," explains creator Doni Latchford. "Some also never had any lights included and so plenty of blue LEDs are expertly installed by myself and are run from a handily concealed battery pack that is easy to get to." 

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