The Pocket Picker Offers Bass Technique Practice On The Go

The Pocket Picker is a Revolutionary Tool That Allows You To Practice Your Technique Anywhere
By BP Staff ,

There's a great new product on the market that allows bass players to practice their technique on the go. Check out The Pocket Picker:

The Pocketpicker is aimed at all bass players, from beginners to professionals. It allows you to improve the strength and precision of your right hand quickly and efficiently while you go about your everyday life, using the principle of "enhanced difficulty". If you wanted to obtain the same degree of difficulty on your instrument, you would have to set the tension of the strings so high that you would break the neck!

On the other hand, the "Pocket Picker" can also be used as a regular right hand work device, simulating the string tension of the instrument you are used to play.

Your first contact with the "Pocket Picker" may seem a little strange: This is a new concept, a new instrument. So allow yourself a short period of three or four days to get comfortable with it, play around with it for fun, find the right way to hold it and the best position for your style of playing. Stay humble with it, as it will change your musical life; in other words, be sure to master it!

You can use the pocket picker while walking, (with the strap supplied), or use it with two hands flat on your knees, or in bed, on a table, or fixed with two screws using the lace holes..

How To Use It

The most interesting method is of course to practice while listening to music! The pocket picker is almost silent, so it will not bother those around you. The important thing here is the physical sensation of the fingers and the pick ; listening to music while practising, for instance on your MP3 player, will bring a new dimension to your playing - play, practise, and progress while having fun!

Although the size of a guitar or bass means you cannot practice in many everyday situations, you will find that the pocket picker can definitely help here. it is up to you to find the right time and place. Here are a few examples: while travelling, trekking or simply walking on the street (dare to do it !), while reading in bed , while watching a movie on TV or, of course, warming up your right hand before a gig!

Using the "Pocket Picker" while driving is strictly forbidden, although you may use it while waiting in the car.

Start Slowly

The strings are tighter than usual, so do not force - you have nothing to prove so play slowly, but with determination and love: that is the only secret. You will find that after a few days practicing on the Pocket Picker you will gain in confidence, strength and precision, and this will soon manifest itself on your real instrument. Keep at it, have fun, and you will be sure to become a master of right hand technique...

The musicians who participated in the creation of this concept, and who have since attested to its' effectiveness, have written a method for the right hand based on the principle of "enhanced difficulty". This method contains progressive and targeted exercises for picking, finger picking and "slapping", that will help you to master your right hand.

Check out the guitar and bass pages to discover these methods.

The Bass Pocket Picker ranges from €74,00-84,00 depending on model and number of strings.

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