Court of Opinion: April 2013

What’s the best upgrade/ modification you’ve done to your bass or basses?
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What’s the best upgrade/ modification you’ve done to your bass or basses?

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Putting Hipshot tuners (balance!) and flatwounds on my old Yamaha P-Bass knockoff. —Steve Roberts

Putting a string adapter on my Steinberger XP2 liberated me from having to use double-ball strings. It feels like escaping North Korea for a free country. —Rudy Zulkarnaen

Putting in an EMG VMC (Variable Mid Control) preamp, by far! —Gino Castillo

Lindy Fralin pickups, new pots, wiring, and flats on my older Squire P-Bass rebuild. —Nick Kalen

Getting Babicz Full Contact bridge and Fender vintage reverse tuners for my Jazz and P-Basses. —Jesse Arzate

Installing flatwounds and Fender Custom Shop Alnico 5 pickups on my ’62 Reissue Jazz Bass, sanding the finish from the back of the neck, and removing the pickguard. —James Perry

Adding Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups, an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, and a Badass II bridge to my ’75 Fender Japan. —Nelson Wu

Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound pickups on my ’75 P-bass. —Dennis Neil Jones

I had Geddy Lee sign my Geddy Lee signature model J-Bass on the set of I Love You, Man. Yes, I got paid to play “Limelight” all day while they had me stand in to set the lights and cameras up for that sequence. All three members of Rush were just the coolest people to meet. Grateful I met my heroes. —Danny Rowe

Switching to upright. —Max Santandrea

Added two DiMarzio P’s, a Hipshot detuner, and Kahler trem to my ’74 Tele bass. It’s a great axe! —Charles Fletcher

Replaced the neck pickup on my MIM Jazz Bass with a Lollar Precision split-coil and strung it BEAD. It’s a pure rock bass! —Sam McAinch