Court of Opinion: If we were to expand out Woodshed section, what would you want to see?

If we were to expand our Woodshed section, what would you want to see?
By BassPlayer ,

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Lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players in each issue, and lessons for 6-stringers.
—Thomas Gahagan

Transcriptions that range from moderate to difficult.
—Eugene Wang

A section on how to structure practice.
—Tony Bullocks

Pick playing for fingerstyle players.
—Steve Wood

More exploration of grooves from around the world—I love learning them and seeing where I can use them.
—Steven Iarusci

Gospel and R&B transcriptions, more articles on structuring practice, and stuff that’s vital to taking one to the next level, such as how to prepare for and obtain gigs.
—Thomas Nolan Riley

It would be nice to see some lessons on other genres, especially on metal, and not just heavy metal—how about death, thrash, doom, and black?
—Agustin Lozoya

No more theory. We can get that anywhere! How about tips for improvising, sitting in on a jam session, and winging it? That’s what matters, at least to a lot of bassists.
—Ryan Mose

More lessons for absolute beginners.
—Carlo Berto

More advanced lessons.
—Steve Rosati

Monthly lessons for different skill levels, and “how to play like...” features.
—Jane Matthews

More metal, and more gear/tone tips for fingerstyle metal players.
—Steve Jacks