Court of Opinion: May 2013

What are you listening to this month?
By BassPlayer ,

What are you listening to this month?

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Esperanza Spalding, Herbie Hancock’s Future 2 Future DVD, and Medeski Martin & Wood. —Christopher Amedy

The metronome. —Shelton Clark

Andrew Gouche, Joel Smith, and Sharay Reed. —DonnyandBelinda Ragsdale

Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller, and Emmylou Harris. —Matt Rodela

How To Destroy Angels and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack. There’s nice low end happening there. —Matt Volpe

DJ Day’s Land of 1000 Chances, Kowloon Walled City’s Container Ships, and True Widow’s self-titled debut. —Max Sidman

Brand X’s Masques, because Percy Jones is my ref. And everything Jeroen P. Thesseling did work on. Some Master and Ride to celebrate the passing of Cliff Burton. But mainly technical death metal with fretless bassists. —Angriburdz Rulz

Testament’s Dark Roots of Earth, Overkill’s The Electric Age, Rainbow’s Down to Earth, Coheed And Cambria’s The After Man, Between The Buried And Me’s Parallax Part Two: Storm Corrosion, Rush’s Clockwork Angels, Dream Theater’s A Dramatic Turn of Events, Opeth’s Heritage, and Iron Maiden’s Somewhere in Time. —Cliff Stankiewicz

Stevie Wonder, Cannibal Corpse, Graham Central Station, and Victor Wooten. —Bass Alien

Locking down Pink Floyd—back to back. —Juan Jose Indestructible Mejia-Juarez

The Police, Regatta de Blanc. One of my favorites. —Eric Fortner

Clutch, Talking Heads, Devil Makes Three, Bob Seger’s Live Bullet album, Fu Manchu, and every now and then a dose of Big Business. —Perry Shumpert Jr.