Court of Opinion: What are you working on this week/month?

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By BassPlayer ,

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Finding a way to play more and work less!
—Sean Fairchild

Minor triads, both linear and chords. Moving up the scale looking for sweet sounds.
—Ron Lockwood

Writing a new tune and practicing Lydian and Lydian augmented scales.
—Dave Pelfrey

“Schism” by Tool.
—Ralf Weber

Bebop phrasing.
—Rene De Urriola

Working on my sound, trying to retain the quality while moving it from the stage to the church!
—Terry O’Boyle

Working at fi nding more time to play! I just moved all of my music gear from one room to another, and each instrument was begging me to play it before moving it. Need more time!
—Dan Lohrfink

Learning the Bach cello solos on my Stagg. Sounds so much like my big old bass it’s crazy!
—Lynn Dilliplane-montes

—Andy Brown

Testing some crazy sounds and weird effects!
—Matias A. Canteros

“Slither” by Velvet Revolver, Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe,” then the Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go,} before the next gig.
—Brett Swinyard

Swapping between basses with different scale-lengths (34”, 35”, and 42”) and 4- or 5-strings seamlessly.
—Dan Reeves