The Real World: Bill Hayes

Home base Redondo Beach, CA
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Home base Redondo Beach, CA

Occupation Writer, karate school owner, musician

Gigs Give Me Back My Wig, The Kara Turner Band

Basses 1969 Fender Precision Bass (I bought it in 1970!), two Spector Euro-4s

Rig Ampeg SVT-4PRO with a 6x10 cab; Carvin B-1500 with a 4x10 cab; Rickenbacker 1x15 combo

Strings, etc. Elixir Nanowebs (Spectors), Fender 7150s (P-Bass)

Heroes & Inspiration James Jamerson, Flea

How did you come to play bass? I've loved being the “driving wheel” ever since I first picked up a bass in 1964 to fill the void in our garage band!

What’s a lesson you’ve learned along the way? This instrument is indeed the foundation upon which everything else must rely for support.

What are your musical goals? To remain an integral part of the Southern California blues scene; an environment that is steeped in love and respect for the true blues founders and legends.