The Year's Best In Bass

Q: What’s the single best bass-related purchase you’ve made this year?
By BassPlayer ,

Q: What’s the single best bass-related purchase you’ve made this year?

Kala UBass.
—Visawin Honda

Fender Select Jazz Bass.

—J. Peter Ross

Mono M80 double bass case

—Kyle French

 Ibanez BTB 5-string.

—Jorge Vélez

The Bass For Dummies book, a title

 that some would say is redundant.

—Ron Carson.

The new Primus album.

—MrGizmo Simpson

A 1975 Fender Jazz Bass in near mint condition from

 Bass Northwest in Seattle. What a find!

—Marc Colón

TC Electronic BC500 and cabs.
—Russ Earnshaw

Yamaha TRB5P. Mmm, mmm, good!

—Arlin Hall

 Roy Vogt’s Teach Me Bass Guitar. 

Thanks for the review!

—Mike Cranston

MusicMan 6-string Bongo, stealth edition.

—Karl Shott

ESP LTD Vintage 204 bass, one of the best sounding and playing basses in my collection. It’s in- spired me to play a lot more.
—Josh Herald

My Boss RC2 Loop Station pedal.
—Janey Funk Fingers Fox

An Alleva-Coppolo LM5. I’ve been gigging pro for over 20 years, and the feel, ease of use, and sonic possibilities (along with a healthy dose of Vitamin P for Practice) have helped me take it to the next level.
—Steve Earnhart

Zoom B9.1UT Multi-Effect.

—Peter J Reed

A Skype lesson with Jeff Berlin.
—Hohn F. Hebert

My first Warwick bass, a limited edition “dirty blonde” Thumb Bass.

—Christian de Mesones

NS Design NXT5 electric upright bass.

—Davyd Norris

Markbass F1 amp.

—Danny Buchannan

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500.

—Duane Say

Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord pedal.

Adds killer rhythm guitar sound through a separate signal. Sounds great!

—David L. Hastings

Fender Custom Shop Pino Palladino Precision Bass.
—Jan Detremerie

D’Addario black nylon strings.
—Marius Goldhammer

Carvin BX500.
—Frankie Guerra

Gallien-Krueger MB800. ���Joel Dawson

My 2012 black Honda Goldwing to carry my bass on!
—James Tooson

 Schecter Diamond series Stiletto Studio 5.

Marcus Miller, Renaissance!
—Donnie Fletcher