A Breakdown of Cartoon Bass Players

Which Cartoon Bass Player is A Cut Above The Rest?

We couldn't claim to cover "all things bass" if we didn't extend our reach into one of the most important realms in all entertainment: cartoons. So we've decided to take a look at some of the most impressive cartoon bass players of all time in this quick breakdown. 

Tom (From Tom & Jerry)

While this mischievous cat is primarily known for chasing around his counterpart Jerry (the mouse), we learned that he is also a whiz at slap upright bass with this performance of "Is You or Is You Ain't My Baby?"

Token Black (From South Park)

When Eric Cartman decides to form a Christian band called Faith +1, he enlists Token to fill the role of bass. Turns out Token is a natural. 

Homer Simpson 

When America's most lovable TV dad decided to pick up and instrument, he took the guidance of a music shop guru and found his true calling as a bass player.

Hank Venture (From The Venture Brothers)

When he's not solving crimes with his brother, genius father and bodyguard Brock Sampson, Hank Venture likes to play some heavy 4-string.

Reggie (From Archie Comics) 

This popular comic gang from the 1960's decided to form a band called The Archies, and they left the low end up to their main man Reggie, who can be seen playing both electric and upright.

Pigpen (From Charlie Brown)

If you haven't seen this filthy jazzman play his upright before, then you must be living under a rock. Pigpen has major chops on the double bass, as proven here...

William Murderface (From Dethklok)

As the bassist for the most famous metal band of all time, William Murderface has the loudest tone, the biggest riffs and one impressively decorated cod piece. (You might not want to try this at home)

Fred Flintstone

As an early caveman, Fred Flintstone had to be creative in fashioning his upright bass, and in doing so he might have even invented the thing. No previous records exist of such an instrument before him.

Simon (From Alvin and The Chipmunks)

As the brains of the operation, it's no wonder that Simon is the bass player in the band. Much like Geddy Lee, this rodent is known for belting out high falsetto vocals over his thunderous riffs. 

Shaggy (From Scooby Doo)

When this guy isn't chasing meddling monsters with his dog and crew or battling off some serious munchies, you might find him working on his tapping technique and classical composition arrangements. Probably not though. 

Shana Elmsford (From Jem and The Holograms)

Shana provides double duty in The Holograms band by playing funky, poppy disco bass and also covering electronic percussion.

Sgt. Floyd Pepper (Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem)

A laid back "hipster" with a pink body and long orange hair, he usually sports a green army cap, or sometimes a red uniform with epaulets and ornate gold braid on the buttons. He plays his bass left-handed and he knows his classic rock.


This astromech droid is good for a lot of handy uses, but none more important than his skills for laying down thick bass grooves. The dude can even play the Seinfeld theme...

Fats (California Raisins)

As an innovator during the crucial Motown era, this bass player used his wrinkly fingers to produce some of the grooviest lines of all time.

Bassey Smurf (The Smurfs)

As a double-threat on upright and electric bass, this little blue wonder has mastered both worlds.