Ashdown MiBass 2.0 and MiBass Interface


Redefining what Bass players can expect from a small, lightweight head, the MiBass 2.0 produces REAL Ashdown Bass tone in a simple-to-use, highly compact package. Despite its tiny size, the MiBass 2.0 is a hugely potent bass amplifier head, utilizing a devastating 640-watt peak (400watt RMS) power section, paired with the simplicity of a 3-band EQ and a gain control that enables the player to go from warm, clean bass through to devastating overdrive and all points in between. The warmth, power and monstrous low end that the MiBass 2.0 produces is simply worlds apart from other lightweight bass amplifiers on the market. A useful MP3 input and level control allows players to mix in a backing track to play along with, either through the headphone-out in silence or through a cabinet.

The simplicity of this amp allows the player to simply plug it in and enjoy the tone of their instrument night after night with minimal fuss and enough power to handle any gig when paired with the right cabinet(s).

Also new for 2013, the MiBass Interface is a bass-specific, multipurpose audio device with a multitude of useful applications.

The MiBass Interface can connect the user’s bass to their computer for direct recording, can be used to link to the Ashdown ABM app (available from Agile Partners) via iPad/iPhone etc, and can be used as a simple headphone amp for silent practicing. The Interface even has a DI out, meaning it can be used to plug the user’s bass directly to the PA at a gig, or into a mixing console for a simple and easy recording solution. When combined with the ABM app, the user can have ABM tone wherever they are, whether at home using headphones or straight into the PA at a gig. A must-have for every technologically minded bass player.

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Ashdown MiBass heads

Despite fitting into the front pocket of an average bass guitar gig bag, the new Ashdown MiBass bass amp punches way above its weight of 3.12lbs 1.4kg with a heavy hitting combination of style, power, tone and features.