Ashdown Rootmaster Bass Amplifiers


Ashdown Engineering announces the new Rootmaster range of solid state bass heads, speakers and combo amplifiers. With its affordable price and professional features, the new Rootmaster line of bass amplification is perfectly suited for players of all levels and skills in addition to being a solid solution for most schools, churches, nightclubs and backline companies seeking a reasonably-priced bass rig.The Rootmaster line consists of two powered amplifier heads, three full range combo amplifiers and five speaker cabinets, all moderately priced and capable of producing sound pressure levels to satisfy almost any live performance situation. Housed in a sturdy steel chassis, all Rootmaster electronics include classic Ashdown attributes like Variable Overdrive, Variable Compression, an Ashdown Sub-Harmonic generator in addition to a comprehensive 5-Band EQ, variable input gain, master volume, and an external input blend control that allows the user to mix in external audio sources alongside the amplified instrument. Additionally, the amplifiers all feature front panel push button switches that activate EQ in/out, Drive in/out and a global "Shape" feature that re-voices the amplifier. Rear panel connectivity includes a mini-jack input plus a SpeakOn® combination connector, DI out, FX Loop, footswitch jack that accesses the Sub Harmonic generator and Drive FX. The electronics are kept cool with a silent running fan ensuring optimal performance under any conditions.The Rootmaster Slim cabinetry utilizes an Acoustic Suspension design that maximizes transducer performance by mitigating unwanted resonance. This delivers tighter, more accurate low frequencies, enabling the Rootmaster system to be highly efficient. Ashdown is also proud to offer a new 5-year limited warranty on all products.The Ashdown Rootmaster Series will be available in February 2014. Available models include:

Rootmaster 420 - 420w Head; US Street $499.00

Rootmaster 220 - 220w Head; US Street $399.00

Rootmaster C115 - 420w 1 x 15" Combo; US Street $599.00

Rootmaster C210T - 420w 2 x 10" Combo; US Street $649.00

Rootmaster C112 - 220w 1 x 12" Combo; US Street $499.00

Rootmaster 115 - 250w 1 x 15" 8 ohm speaker w/tweeter; US Street $299.00

Rootmaster 210T - 250w 2 x 10" 8 ohm speaker w/tweeter; US Street $349.00

Rootmaster 212T - 300w 2 x 12" 8 ohm speaker w/tweeter; US Street $399.00

Rootmaster 410T - 450w 4 x 10" 8 ohm speaker w/tweeter; US Street $399.00

Rootmaster 414T - 450w 4 x 10" 4 ohm speaker w/tweeter; US Street $399.00

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Ashdown MiBass heads

Despite fitting into the front pocket of an average bass guitar gig bag, the new Ashdown MiBass bass amp punches way above its weight of 3.12lbs 1.4kg with a heavy hitting combination of style, power, tone and features.