Bag End CD-12 Time-Align Speaker


Bag End Loudspeakers has introduced the CD-12 Time-Align® as part of its Venus series, which Bag End describes as the smallest and lightest yet most powerful speakers available. The first in the new series––the CD-15––wowed sound engineers when it was used at a performance stage at the NAMM Show earlier this year.

The CD-12 is a full range high performance compact loudspeaker system. Its multi angle enclosure allows great flexibility for installations as well as floor monitoring applications.

The system components include the E-12F Neodymium magnet 12" cone transducer and the E-806 1.4" exit Neodymium compression high frequency driver coupled to a directivity controlled waveguide.

The Time-Align technology featured in the CD-12 assures that acoustical signals are presented to the listener in the same relationship as the electrical signal at the input terminals of the loudspeaker. Time-Align presents the acoustical signal as a tight package of energy, with the same time relationships as the original natural sound, this allows a rapid series of transients to be heard clearly.

The CD-12 is designed for applications ranging from nightclub and auditoriums to theatrical sound reinforcement and house of worship. The speaker enclosure is made of 15mm 11-ply birch plywood and offers the flexibility of fly points, handles and a stand adapter. The enclosure is 25.25" high, 14.5" wide, and 13.75" deep with a 14 gage black powder-coated perforated steel grille.


Bag End: PD10BX-D

ALTHOUGH THEY'RE FAIRLY RARE, powered cabinets open up myriad new signal-chain options, particularly the possibility of using a “channel-strip” studio preamp for flexibility or a fave DI for unadorned, nearly straight-wire tone. Illinois-based Bag End has long made well-regarded high-end cabinets and drivers in nearly every audio category. Its designs always show a thoughtful attention to engineering and significant innovation. Its new PD10BX-D cabinet pairs its stalwart 2x10+coaxial tweeter D10BX with a modular Class D/SMPS amplifier, the Minima One. The same amped-up treatment is available with the other configurations in Bag End’s bass cab line.