Bartolini NTMB+ Preamp


Bartolini Pickups and Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the NTMB+. It is a 3-band pre-amp module in a single low-profile package, as opposed to the previous NTMB/918 assembly that was comprised of two modules. “The NTMB+ reduces the pre-amp size by 30%, which will better fit guitars and basses that have small cavities. The electronics design is identical to our very successful NTMB/918 preamp. We just got it to fit in the smaller package,” states Clyde Clark, president of Bartolini Pickups and Electronics. Another benefit of this design is that it provides even lower noise, as the signal flow is controlled within one module. In the near future, Bartolini will offer the NTMB+ for sale as a standalone module and integrated into over 26 different pre- wired harnesses. There are two options offered; 1) NTMB+ GF for fretted instruments, 2) NTMB+ GFL for fretless instruments.

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