Bass God: Alex Levine from Gaslight Anthem’s Top 5 Bass Heroes


To celebrate the release of Get Hurt, the fifth studio album by American rockers The Gaslight Anthem, we caught up with bassist Alex Levine and asked him to name his 5 all time bass heroes. Here's what he had to say!

1. Paul Simonon

A player that made playing bass just as cool, if not cooler, than playing guitar. He is a very underrated player in my eyes—his parts drive some of the most iconic Clash songs.

2. Peter Hook

I was listening to a lot of Peter Hook while we were making Get Hurt. He's one of the most original players I can think of—he created a style that is still mimicked today. His use of octaves and playing above the twelfth fret 99 percent of the time is incredible.

3. Bryan Keinlen

Bryan and his band the Bouncing Souls are a big reason why I wanted to play bass. I grew up going to countless Bouncing Souls shows in New Jersey. I loved that old punk sound he had, with the treble on ten and the bass on zero while playing everything on the D and the G string for the most part. It is an unorthodox, badass way to play the instrument.

4. Simon Gallup

I am a huge Cure fan, and a big part of that is the insane melody that Simon creates with his parts. Most Cure songs he is playing one amazing part throughout the whole song. He is a big part of my style as a player.

5. Dee Dee Ramone

The king of the downstrokes. I would sit on my couch for hours playing along to Ramones records. Playing downstrokes at that speed looks easier than it is. It takes a lot of practice to master and Dee Dee was the best at it.