Bass Guru App Offers Lessons From Top Bass Players

Bass Guru delivers interactive, self-paced lessons for electric and upright bass from respected players

Rob Wallis, founder of Hudson Music and longtime president of Drummers Collective School of Music in New York City, has expanded his award-winning drum education app, Drum Guru, to bring the same premier, customized learning experience to bass players with the release of Bass Guru.

“I created the app to give players of all levels a structured way to learn and develop new skills from world-renowned bassists at a fraction of the price of private lessons,” says Wallis.

Bass Guru delivers interactive, self-paced lessons for electric and upright bass from respected players like Victor Wooten, Mark Egan, Lincoln Goines, Tom Kennedy, Mike Pope and Felix Pastorius. Initial offerings include Ed Friedland’s “Bass ASAP” series designed to get new players off the ground and playing in no time, Mark Egan’s “Fretless” series which lays a solid foundation for beginners before progressing to more advanced techniques, and “Fretboard Navigation” with Felix Pastorius which condenses a lifetime of learning about the fingerboard into an easy to understand series of lessons. Series on rock, blues, and bass specific music theory can also be found in the catalog and new lesson packs are added regularly.

“I love to teach” says Wooten, “but because it may not be possible for some people to visit my music camps or for me to visit with every bassist privately, BASS GURU and I have come together to provide a convenient and inexpensive way to learn.” His lesson packs cover topics such as thumb technique, looping, and hand exercises with new packs being released over the next few months. A current list can be found here.

The app is free and comes with a sampler pack containing nine lessons for trial. Additional packs, each with 5-10 lessons, are priced from $2.99 to $4.99, and can be purchased and downloaded within the app.

Each individual lesson delivers high-quality video in “Lesson Mode” that features a short video tutorial. This video can be played back at regular speed or
in slow motion for analysis (and can be enlarged to fit the entire iPad screen).
Below the video panel, the musical example being taught is displayed in standard musical notation.

With a tap of the finger, the user can switch to “Practice Mode.” Here, a transcription of the lesson appears on the screen, which can be played back for listening and interactive practice. Via control buttons along the top of the screen, the user can start, stop, and loop playback; control the volume of the playback example; increase or decrease the tempo while maintaining pitch; and turn the bass and the click/drum track in the example on or off individually.

Once purchased, the pack is yours to use over and over again in your practice sessions. Users can share updates about what they are practicing on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information, including an FAQ on how to use the app and a complete listing of available lesson pack topics, please visit