wants to know what you think The 20 Greatest Bass Lines of All Time are

What are the 20 Greatest Bass Lines of All Time? You tell us!
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What are the 20 Greatest Bass Lines of All Time?

You tell us! wants YOU to help shape our next exclusive offering. This book will feature transcriptions of the 20 best bass lines ever, and we're asking the Bass community what those should be.

Send us your personal top 10 selected song titles for the Greatest, based on whatever matters to you. Maybe it's an essential foundation, or a signature riff, or a masterpiece from one of the greats. From jazz to rock, funk to punk, Latin, metal or Motown: The judging criteria are entirely yours.

Email your 10 song picks to Please specify the album and recording artist for each song, as many have been recorded multiple times. We'll count up the ballots and the 20 songs with the most votes will have their bass lines transcribed by Mike Cornelison. We will all have a brilliant new book to enjoy.

Whoever gets closest to having all 10 of their songs among the final top 20 will get a free copy of the book, autographed by the transcriptionist, plus a $200 shopping spree at

Make your list and email it to us at

And watch for the book that YOU helped create!


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What is it about lists? People love making them, reading them, and listening to them. Lists bring order to chaos. They help us remember things. They’re easy to scan. They promise instant knowledge. And they give us an opportunity to disagree.