Bassist Giulia Valle's Trio to Perform at APAP

Bassist-composer Giulia Valle presents the GUILIA VALLE TRIO at APAP with a showcase on Sunday, January 17
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Bassist-composer Giulia Valle presents the GUILIA VALLE TRIO at APAP with a showcase on Sunday, January 17. Valle, an extraordinary musician of Italian and Spanish descent, is making a return visit to the States, having last performed at SFJazz, Seattle's Earshot, Vancouver Jazz, the International Festival in Montreal and the famed Blue Note in New York. Her boosters include industry programmers Randall Kline, John Gilbreath, Ken Pickering, Andre Menard and Jeff Levenson.

Valle boasts an advanced rhythmic and melodic touch, drawn from her exposure to the sounds of the world. Her music is a rare blend of vibrant and earthy. Energized by the Tango and a host of Latin and Caribbean rhythms, she is a modernist with a romantic bent, a charismatic performer who commands attention. Her music wears its emotions broadly. In that sense she connects with her fans on a deep, engaging level.

Joining her on stage are celebrated rhythm mates, pianist Marco Mezquida and drummer David Xirgu. Each is dedicated to risk and reward with an emphasis on collective group interplay.

In Europe, Valle is recognized as a force of nature. Her appearance at APAP should not be missed.

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Born in San Remo, Italy in 1972, Valle settled in Barcelona, Spain as a child.Her striking personality and insatiable musical creativity have earned her awards and recognition throughout Europe.

She is steeped in both classical and modern jazz, having completed studies at the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu and Taller de Músics in Barcelona. Additionally, she studied in Paris with François Rabbath and in New York with Ben Street and Bruce Barth.

Giulia Valle is well-established on the contemporary and avant-garde jazz scene. Her mastery marks her as a great leader, but also as an in-demand bassist for artists as accomplished as Guillermo Klein, Bill McHenry, Jason Lindner, Dave Douglas and Antonio Canales.


The Giulia Valle Trio exhibits an air of generous fluidity, tracing a dreamlike trajectory between be-bop harmonies, contemporary experimentation, South American folklore, Balcan sounds and Andalusian rhythms.

As a leader, Valle's aim is to develop the most sympathetic and interactive expression of musical discourse. She does this with extraordinary musicians - pianist Marco Mezquida and drummer David Xirgu.

Both Mezquida and Xirgu are celebrated in their own right. Marco has energy and virtuosity dedicated to the harmonious rigor of team play. Xirgu is considered to be one of Europe's most creative drummers. He has played and recorded with many important jazz musicians, such as Ben Monder, Dave Douglas, John Abercrombie, Vince Mendoza, and Mark Feldman.

The music of the Giulia Valle Trio is unpredictable - an unusual ensemble of honest, collaboration.

New album coming soon - Giulia Valle Trio. Live at SFJazz. Stay tuned!


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