Coming into the 2018 NAMM show, bassist and composer JD Short was looking forward to spending some time on the Stonefield stand, which before the end of the show resulted in Short signing on as the latest Stonefield endorsing artist. “I’m really pleased to have connected on this level with Stonefield; their instruments are innovative and beautiful … and they're offering things that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

JD tells us the he first met Tomm Stanley from Stonefield back in 2016, at the London Bass Guitar Show. "I was there working at the Eden stand (JD is an endorsing artist for Eden Amplification) and was out having a look around the show. Their instruments were unique and I loved the feel and playability of them. I was, absolutely, amazed at the flexibility of the passive electronics; it really felt like four basses in one."

JD Short with his Stonefield F Seriesfull

With a career as a session artist, sideman and solo performer, Short has many roles to fill and when asked about his musical range, “More than diverse” was the reply. With that piquing our interest, we asked for some background. “For my own solo stuff … bass-driven, cinematic, heavy, trip-hop is what I say when people ask. I am also all over the place with my film and video game scores and working with other artists across most styles on electric and upright basses." When prompted for more about his solo work, short continued, " I cover a lot of roles. Since I compose and play all of the parts, the bass shifts from a lead to a supporting instrument in an instant and goes from playing heavily distorted guitar parts to ethereal strings and choirs. When I am recording, for myself or others, I love being able to offer up several different tonal options. I’ve never really seen a way to do that with a single passive instrument before.”

JD continued, “I’d been following Stonefield on their social media and late last year they posted on Instagram that they were going to put a refined version of their M Series instrument electronics into a foot pedal. Like the basses, these units are passive which makes them perfect for studio applications and for all of the effects I use. I got in touch with Tomm to let him know I was watching with interest. Then, just before NAMM, they announced that they were also prototyping an expanded version of the electronics, a rack unit offering 24 voice options. Unbelievable.”

At the show Tomm connected with JD to have him try out the new units and offer his opinion. JD was so impressed that the two decided to record some impromptu demo videos while on site. Both videos can be found at Stonefield’s YouTube channel and while the background noise of the show washes out some subtlety, there is no doubt that both units offer impressive tone shaping capability.

JD also had his first look at Stonefield’s new F Series instruments and that was the tipping point, “I am so impressed with this new range of basses. For me, the F Series bass and the outboard electronics were a magical combination. Tomm could tell I was lovin’ them and he’s always said that he’s only looking for real advocates to have on-board as endorsing artists. When he asked what I thought of the idea, ‘yes’ was a pretty easy word to find.”

For more information about JD Short, see his website along with BassDbler at all the usual social media sites. To learn more about Stonefield’s new F Series and outboard electronics find them at and of course, all the usual social media sites.