Bill Laswell Releases Two New Albums and Curates The Stone in NYC

Bill Laswell Releases New Album with Praxis and Barton Rage, Curates The Stone in NYC

PRAXIS Sound Virus

Buckethead (Guitar), Bill Laswell (Bass), Brain (Drums) with John Zorn (Sax), Mick Harris (Drums), Yamatsuka Eye (Vocals)

Post modern super group with an ever changing line-up. Mutant Metal, Noise, Dub and beyond... The core group of virtuoso guitar shredder Buckethead, futurist bassist / producer Bill Laswell and drummer Brain (Guns N' Roses, Primus, Godflesh, Tom Waits) is joined here by legendary composer / saxophonist John Zorn, Mick Harris, (Napalm Death, Scorn, Painkiller) and Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms). Restored, enhanced, edited and remastered from original recordings. Intense, dark, humorous and virtuosic. An uncompromising ride. Play it loud!

1. Suspension 2:22
2. Warcraft Triad 9:15
3. Skull Crack Cathedral 4:16
4. Inferno 9.23
5. Low Time Machine 4:16
6. Stronghold 1:35
7. Turbine 6:45
8. Nine 3:17


The "Realm" project is a concept series of albums aimed at connecting ideas that revolutionized popular music from the 80s and 90s onward - involving genres such as Hip Hop, Ambient and Drum & Bass, coupled with contemporary extensions expressed in styles such as Future Jazz, Electronica, Dub Step, etc.

The primary philosophy driving this series is to create singular identities within each album. Each work is crafted with the unique sound and style of artists who have created shape-shifting music, as well as partnerships with modern contributors. The first album, "Realm I," was made in collaboration with renowned producer and musician Bill Laswell, whose groundbreaking work can be heard across music's conventional stylistic boundaries.

1. Mater 8:12
2. Waters of Mirage 9:29
3. Triad Seer 8:27
4. Seraphim 8:00
5. Beyond the Abyss 7:42
6. Nama 7:47

Barton Rage (born on Dec. 8, 1982) is a guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger & producer. His music draws upon many different genres, mainly avant-garde and future jazz, but also funk, fusion, metal, world, classical, reggae, drum 'n' bass, dub, and ambient music. He incorporates diverse styles to explore open minded ways of expression in harmonic, melodic and rhythmic development. His composing methods focus on intuitive approach to sound and dynamics in music as a whole, aiming at creating a self existing esthetic sound flow experience in each work. Rage's music can be characterized as morphing sounds and melodic noises of not clearly distinguishable electronic and acoustic instruments. Gradual transformation of textures into clear melodies, "alien" sounding improvisation or rich spheric background sounds, play a big role in an emotional development of each song. Also rhythmic grooves in melodic instruments as well as drum and percussive instruments undergo a metric mutation between chaotic and steady beats - chaos within order, and order within chaos... 


JUNE 23-28, 2015

Tuesday, June 23
8 PM
Blue Buddha
Louie Belogenis (sax) Dave Douglas (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

10 PM
Blue Buddha with Graham Haynes
Louie Belogenis (sax) Graham Haynes (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

Wednesday, June 24
8 & 10 PM
James Blood Ulmer, Bill Laswell, Don McKenzie and Adam Rudolph
James Blood Ulmer (guitar, voice) Bill Laswell (bass) Don McKenzie (drums) Adam Rudolph (percussion)

Thursday, June 25
8 PM
Bill Laswell and John Zorn Duo
Bill Laswell (bass) John Zorn (sax)

10 PM
Bill Laswell and Milford Graves
Bill Laswell (bass) Milford Graves (drums)

Friday, June 26
8 & 10 PM
Method of Defiance Column 3
Henry Kaiser (guitar) Dr Israel (voice) Grandmixer DXT (turntables) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Bill Laswell (bass) Guy Licatta (drums) Adam Rudolph (percussion) and many special guests

Saturday, June 27
8 & 10 PM
The Last Poets
Abiodun Oyewole, Umar Bin Hassan, Babatunde

Sunday , June 28
8 & 10 PM
Method of Defiance Column 6
Foday Musa Suso (kora) DJ Logic (turntables) Dominic James, Bill Buchen (guitars) Bill Laswell (bass) Guy Licata and more

The Stone
Avenue C & 2nd Street
New York City



CD Review: Bill Laswell "The Process"

How do you think it’d sound if bass magus Bill Laswell and his fretted, fretless, clean, and effected P-Basses got together with drummer Chad Smith—yes, the Red Hot Chili Pepper—and young New Orleans keyboard master Jon Batiste? If you guessed that it’d be spiritual and sweaty, and that you might hear Smith as you’ve never heard him before, you’d be right.