BP Presents: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic


Bass Player Presents George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

March 27th-29th at Yoshi’s Oakland—Win Tickets!

That thumping sound you hear resonating around the San Francisco Bay is the sound of bass players rejoicing at the big news: Bass Player is launching Bass Player Presents promotions! BP will be picking bass-oriented shows in and around its Northern California headquarters and helping to draw bassheads out from their holes and onto the scene where they can learn from the masters and share ideas with each other.

We’re super funked up to kick off BP Presents with George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic on Wednesday, March 27th through Friday, March 29th at Yoshi’s Oakland in Jack London Square. There is one 8pm show each night. Bass Player will be onsite Thursday, the 28th handing out free magazines and swag to players.

As much as any other act, Parliament Funkadelic ushered in the era of big bass and the featured bass player. Without the earthshaking sounds of tunes such as “Cosmic Slop,” “One Nation Under a Groove,” and “Give Up the Funk,” there would be no Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Primus. P-Funk bass pioneers including Billy “Bass” Nelson, Cordell “Boogie” Mosson, Rodney “Skeet” Curtis, and William “Bootsy” Collins paved the way for the likes of Prince, Flea, and Les Claypool. Since 1979, 6-stringer Lige Curry has held the hallowed P-Funk bass chair. In BP’s comprehensive July 2005 P-Funk cover story, Curry told BP:

“I’ve been lucky enough to learn from all the main bassists. Billy taught me the Jamerson style, and to be as raw as you possibly can. Skeet taught me to be progressive and daring with note choices. I learned about effects from Bootsy, but Boogie was my true mentor. I approached him with a balance of enthusiasm and respect in order to get him to show me the nooks and crannies of the material. I’m taking it to another level by playing a 6-string bass. It’s my way of making the material my own, and all George cares about is the pocket. I’m in this thing for life. Like George said to me recently, ‘This sh#$ ain’t over yet!’”

Make your funk the P-Funk, players! Get your tickets to one of the three Yoshi’s Oakland shows now, and make it Thursday’s show if you want to connect with Bass Player and pickup a free magazine.

Check out the modern P-Funk gang getting it’s European groove on.

Event Details
Bass Player Presents George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Thursday, March 28th at Yoshi’s Oakland

510 Embarcadero West In Jack London Square

(510) 238-9200

8pm show, $50 Tickets

Free Bass Player magazines and other goodies

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Contest Details
For a chance to win a pair of tickets to see George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic click HERE and put P-Funk in the subject of your email. Winner must provide own transportation to Jack London Square in Oakland, CA and have his or her own accommodations in the Bay Area on March 28th.