Catch All of The Coverage From Bass Player Live 2015 Here!

Catch all of the action from the weekend of the biggest bass event of the year, Bass Player Live!

Bass Player Live! 2015 was epic to say the least, as the jam-packed weekend brought together some of the best bassists and best bass brands in the world to SIR and MI in Los Angeles. We'll be updating the site all week with behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and content, so stay tuned as we recap the biggest bass event of the year! 

Here are the first batch of photos that we nabbed throughout the weekend. HD photos and clinic videos are coming soon. 

Warwick and Mesa Boogie make for a powerful duo.

Each Tensor bass has a personality of its own, but they all share the same powerful tone and feel. 

D. Lakin Basses showing off the variety of colors on their Jazz Basses.

Spector has rolled out a whole new variety of woods and finishes for their new lines of basses.

Hmm...which Seymour Duncan pedal to play with first...

Even if you're not an double bass player, the playability of these NS electric uprights will make you want one. 

Earthquaker Devices brought their whole arsenal of bass pedals to the show.

A beautiful F Bass AC5 Signature fretless 5-string.

A Mayones Patriot 5 MR Fretless Piezo Bass.

Bobby Vega's original 1949 Ampeg bass amp.

Thundercat's Ibanez Signature 6-string bass is much heavier than it looks. Seriously, how does he lift that thing?

A sneak peek at our upcoming cover featuring Bass Player Magazine's 2015 Lifetime Achievement winner Lemmy Kilmister.

Juan Alderete's bass Fender Precision Bass Deluxe in waiting before his clinic.

Bobby Vega holding his famous 1961 Fender Jazz Bass.

...which also happens to have a shark sticker on back that is signed by Milton Berle.

Janek Gwizdala navigating loops for the crowd at his clinic.

PRS basses with beautiful flamed finishes.

Rhonda Smith's gear set up for her clinic.

Rhonda Smith's pedalboard. 

Rhonda laying down the grooves.

Don't ask us how they did it, but Mayones somehow put hundreds of tiny gears into the inlays on this bass.

Phil Chen demonstrating his legendary feel and 'riddim.'

Andrew Gouche showing the power of MTD Basses and Tec Amps.

Talk about a wall of sound, these Aguilar amps are booming!

Alissa giving this purple MTD bass a go.

Andrew Gouche sound checking before his clinic.

This Olinato PJ Relic sounds as good as it looks...maybe better.

Robert "Bubby" Lewis wins our vote for the best dressed at BP Live.

Ampeg's new PF-50T Portaflex head is a masterpiece.

A brand new 6-string Kiesel Vader bass with a headless neck.

A custom Music Man Bongo PDN 5-string bass.

Frescia Belmar making this F Bass sing.

Hagar Ben Ari hanging at the GHS booth.

Juan Alderete, Chloe and Robert Trujillo, and Phil Chen.

 The stage is set for the BP Live concert at MI. 

Rex Brown tearing it up.

Rex Brown and Dug Pinnick nailing double duty for their tribute to Lemmy.

Robert Trujillo introducing Lemmy Kilmister.

The great Lemmy Kilmister accepting his Bass Player Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lemmy making the crowd, and presenters, laugh with his wit.

Armand Sabal-Lecco performing Motorhead.

Robert Trujillo holding down the low end for the Lemmy tribute.

That's a lot of bass talent on one stage!

Nathan East with his son Noah going over chord changes before their joint performance.


 Robert Trujillo and Lemmy Kilmister talking shop backstage.

An amazing backstage cast at BP Live!

Nathan East rocking "Sir Duke" after receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nathan pulling out all the stops for his performance.

Nathan East's signature Yamaha 6-string.

Darryl Jones of the Rolling Stones and Nathan East hang after the concert.

 Can't beat the classics, especially not beautiful Hofner basses.

Hagar Ben Ari talks about her role in a late night talk show band.

Mike Merritt (Conan O'Brien) and Hagar discuss the tricks of the late night show trade.

The Mayones bass display was deeply mesmerizing.

Smith Basses are some of the most solid feeling and sounding basses around.

Acoustic Amps got a lot of play throughout the weekend, and for good reason.

Diesel headless Vader Basses in various racing colors.

Aside from sounding amazing, Aguilar amps just look so dang slick.

Nathan East and Jerry Jemmott getting interviewed backstage.

Nathan East and Tal Wilkenfeld catch up between their clinics.

Rickey Minor leading his band as only he can.

A rockin' spread of ESP basses.

This Ibanez SRSC805 5-string with a five piece maple and purpleheart neck will be available in February of 2016.

Bassist/Actor Malcolm Jamal-Warner and Rickey Minor.

Ben Kenney of Incubus sound checking before his clinic.

Ben Kenney explaining his transition from playing in The Roots to Incubus.