CD Review: Ginger Baker "Why?"

With its West Africa-influenced motifs, Why?

With its West Africa-influenced motifs, Why? is vintage Baker, but it also brings out the best in Alec Dankworth, who can walk on an upright with aplomb (“Twelve and More Blues”) or vamp electric (“Ain Temouchant”) with a fluidity to rival Dave Holland in his Miles Davis prime. Sax legend Pee Wee Ellis and Ghanaian percussionist Abbas Dodoo add righteous spice to the mix—a polyrhythmic slab of fatback jazz that cooks from the inside out.


CD Review: Ziggy Marley "Fly Rasta"

Even with four bassists in effect—including session aces Abraham Laboriel, Dave Wilder, Guy Erez, and longtime touring vet Pablo Stennett—and influences as farflung as rock, jazz, and R&B, Ziggy Marley’s fifth solo outing flows with remarkable continuity.

CD Review: Death "N.E.W."

Another early-’70s adopter of the Rickenbacker 4001, Death’s frontman and bassist Bobby Hackney soaked up the sound of rock’s heavyweights (Entwistle and Glover especially) and channeled it into his band’s signature Detroit punkpsych onslaught.