CD Review: Yppah "Tiny Pause"

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No matter how far out and experimental multi-instrumentalist Joe Corrales Jr. gets with his electronic rock orchestrations, his rumbling, well-crafted bass lines always keep things grounded. His moody fourth album sports a variety of different bass tones on each track, and even when Corrales opts for synth bass, his groove-first mentality gives his lines the feel of an electric bass, no matter how contorted the sound. Highlights include fast-paced picking on “Little Dreamer” and steady finger work on “Bushmills.”


CD Review: AFI "Burials"

While the bass work of AFI’s Hunter Burgan has always been dark and moody to match the vibe of his hardcore/punk outfit’s sound, his playing on the band’s ninth studio album shows a previously undiscovered melodic side.

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CD Review: Lettuce "Crush"

Busting right out of the gate with monster funk numbers in “The Force,” “Get Greasy,” and “Chief,” Erick Croomes and his Boston outfit make it clear that their fourth album is aptly titled.