Demeter Powered Preamplefiers

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Introducing Demeter VTBP-201-800D and HBP-1-800D Powered Preamplifiers.

Now you can get the the world's finest sounding Tube Bass Preamplifiers with a built-in 800-watt Class D power amplifier inside. Using our exclusive driver circuit design utilizing tubes and a Jensen transformer to dive the Class D amplifier we achieve high power, warm tube tonality with virtually no noise. The amplifier delivers 500 Watts RMS into 8 ohms and over 800 watts RMS into 4 ohms, and you still have a fully functioning preamp if you want to add more amplifiers or use the studio out. The unit with the amp only weighs 11 pounds. We can also retrofit all of our existing pre-amps with this amplifier. Check our web site or call for more info. Made in our barn in Templeton CA USA.

VTBP-201-880D: $1,619 MSRP
HBP-1-800DD: $1,659 MSRP
HBP-1J-800D with Jensen studio out: $1,829 MSRP

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I’m already plotting my reply to your letters. And allow me to paraphrase the future you: “Why waste space writing about a rig nobody can afford?” Because it’s cool, that’s why. So there. Discovering what happens when an amp designer makes no concession whatsoever to price, market viability, or production cost, instead focusing exclusively on sound, is both fascinating and important in terms of the evolution of amp design. And it’s even cooler when the designer is Jonas Hellborg, a virtuoso bassist whose brilliant career exhibits the same steadfast integrity as his eponymous amp.

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